POTW: The Wheelbarrow

DH and I are both trying to lose weight. I have seen this position on 2 different sites, and I am really intrigued to try it very soon. It is called the wheelbarrow.

Basically, you will lay on your stomach on the bed near the foot of the bed with your legs spread. Your DH stands at the foot of the bed between your legs. He lifts you up, hands under your thighs, like lifting a wheelbarrow to the level of his penis. He has all the control of the thrusting. This has all the wonderful aspects of rear entry (g-spot stimulation and just the *backwards* feel of the penis in the vagina). It also leaves the woman’s clitoris open for manual stimulation by herself or with the use of a bullet vibe. If he has trouble holding you up in this position, place several pillows under your hips to elevate your bottom up higher.

Pros: I can see this being a very good position for those of you who enjoy rear vaginal entry (doggie style) positions.

Cons: DH will need to have a lot of upper body strength to hold you up and to thrust at the same time.

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4 thoughts on “POTW: The Wheelbarrow

  1. This is my fav position with my husband as its the one position that makes me FE when i orgasm. This is a new discovery for me and my husband as i have never been able FE until about 8 months ago what a huge difference it has made in our sex life. I still have not figured out why other Gspot positions dont work as well its a mystery to me. My husband obvuously loves it for the FE part but does say it works better with pillows underneith. Does anyone else find this one that different from other behind positions?


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