Throwback Thursday: How to Seduce Your Husband

I got to thinking the other day of ways that wives can seduce their husbands. Of course, every man is different so what works for one man may not do so much for another, but I thought it would be good for us to share our ideas of how we draw our husbands into sexual chemistry. For many men timing is very important. You may do something that normally would really excite them, but if you pick the wrong time it doesn’t get you the results you were looking for. The other factor is that some men are living as sexual refusers so drawing them into a physical encounter with you is extremely difficult, but under normal circumstances where a husband and wife are sacrificially loving one another there are lots of fun and exciting ways to seduce your husband.

The first thing that comes to mind for me is how we dress. Again, different men like different things, but as you go through your life with your husband he is going to give you cues as to what he likes. For example, my husband has mentioned how much he like to see me wearing black. Specifically, black lingerie. So, when we are getting ready for a date night guess what color I always consider. It doesn’t mean I am limited to only wearing black, but since I know he likes it, that is what I often pick. Listen for if your husband comments on how you wear your hair or a scent you wear or a certain outfit. Does he like you in jeans? Skirts, long or short? A certain neckline? What body parts does he like and what outfits do you have that will accentuate those parts for him? In short, use the physical attributes that God gave you which your husband likes to seduce him.

Another aspect to seduction is the words we say. What parts of his body turn you on? Tell him about it. If it feels more natural and relational to use words other than “penis” or “vagina” then by all means, go ahead and use that spicy language. Just make sure that you both feel comfortable with whatever words you use or slang words can ruin the mood for your spouse. Use phone calls and text messages to tell him what you want to do to him or what you want him to do to you. Whisper it in his ear at an opportune moment, but pick a moment when he can’t do anything about it right away.

The other part of seduction that I will mention is what we do. We have discussed so many of the options on our blog, but here is a list of options. Some of them are going to be exciting for you, some of them won’t be. You don’t have to do them all. Just pick the ones you like.

  • Mention that you are not wearing panties when you are headed out for a date.
  • Pick a saucy song and do a little strip tease.
  • Wear something like this when you meet him somewhere, with nothing underneath. Of course, you can make it look more modest while you are out.
  • Get something started while you are out if you can find a private spot. Even if you can’t go all the way, you can do other things, like manual sex at the movies.
  • Take some sexy pictures of yourself.
  • Have fun making some “messy love.”
  • Try seeing if you can fulfill one of his fantasies.

There are so many options for acting seductively. Please add your own in the comment section.

Our attempts to seduce our husbands are going make them feel desired, loved and affirmed as men. That is why it is important to be intentional about pursuing them, especially if your husband tends to be the one who always initiates. So start studying him and see what his preferences are. Use what he likes to invite him to enjoy your sexuality.

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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: How to Seduce Your Husband

  1. I was really hoping to hear from other women on this one–what they do to turn their men on, and get them interested and what their husbands like. I always think that most men are alike in the “turn on” I’m always looking for new ideas. My man loves when I don’t wear underwear when we go out…well, not just no underwear, but no underwear and a skirt. “Gotta have the skirt too” he always says (and not a floor length one either…one above the knees, for sure.). Just knowing that I’m totally bare underneath really turns him on. If I give him flashes here and there, even better!! (which I usually do).

    Another MAJOR turn on for my man: I don’t know about you guys, but my man LOVES watching me play with myself. And I mean LOVES IT!!! Nothing turns him on faster than watching me masturbate. He says it’s the sexiest thing ever! So I use that to seduce him too.

    Waking him up for sex: he loves this one too! (and encourages me to do it as often as I want). I wake him up by giving him a blow job (he has woken me up by going down on me too. No better way to wake up, let me tell ya!)

    • Many people may consider this topic a little too personal and a little too graphic. I am sorry, but I needed to cut back on some of the details. I have to think about other readers who get a little too much pleasure from stuff like this, KWIM?

  2. Seducing my husband? Get naked! Curl up against him in bed (my back to his front). If he’s rubbing my back to wake me up, I roll over for a “front rub.” He’s so visually stimulated, when I bend over the sink to brush my teeth, he can’t stand in the shower & shave w/out cutting himself (true story).

    We also enjoy the “no panties in a skirt” when we go out – on me! (he would look silly in a skirt). I almost never wear a bra when we go out, anyway, and he loves that look. But after the kids are out or in bed, I almost always take my bra off so that when we watch TV, I’m available for a massage, should the need arise. 🙂

    Sometimes I wish he would spend a little more time seducing ME, as it takes me so much longer to get going than he does. But when we’re out on a date, we sometimes play games, like the bar pick-up game. Not always, though – he has more trouble staying in character! Hope this helps.

  3. I was reading the post on messy love. I love that! I am not one for messes, but my DH was looking to do something different and fun with me when the kiddos were spending the night with the grandparents. He made a trip to Home Depot and came back with a plastic drop cloth and painters tape. He took all the covers off the bed except for the fitted sheet and covered it with the drop cloth- he used the painters tape to secure any loose edges to the bed. He put a rug on the floor right by the bed and got out two fluffy towels and lit a candle. He squirted some body oil all over the plastic and laid me on it. He then slowly poured oil on me- that was a very, very unique and fun experience. :).
    Another thing that made it such a neat experience is that he went out of his way to do something for us. He was even a little nervous! It was cute! We’ve been married for 11 years and have 2 small children. We’ve really been making an effort to spice up our together time! We love your blog! Thank you for your honest and candid conversations!

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