Interesting thought here…..

found this on the marriage bed Facebook page….
If you tossed a dollar into a jar every time you made love, how long would it be before you could pay for a nice dinner for the two of you?

5 thoughts on “Interesting thought here…..

  1. I read a story recently where a couple has this special box, starting on their wedding day, where they put a dollar every time they made love, for years. It paid for a VERY nice, long vacation when they hit their 30th (or some other number, I can’t remember) anniversary! Such a cute idea!

  2. sex is an obligation within married relationship 1corinthian7v3 ,” Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband.” it is a weapon against forbidden sex, proverb 5v15-20 we do not need to pay for it. however we are commanded to be discrete in every area of our life.

    • Not saying you have to pay for it, Julie. It is a nice way to put aside some money to do something nice for your marriage….whether it be dinner, a vacation together… whatever you choose to use the money for.

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