POTW: The Standing T

I love this position because it is easy.  Those positions that require you to have extra coordination or flexibility are very difficult for me.  I have a confession to make.  I was the only cheerleader in my high school’s history who could not do a split.  OK, while we are being honest, I couldn’t do a cartwheel either. You got me, everyone that tried out that year made the squad but that’s beside the point.  In my book simple is better.  I am sure that my husband’s book says that as long as he get a nice visual, it’s all good.  This position gives him a great visual so every body’s happy.

Let’s get into position.  Lay face up on your bed so that your headboard is to one side of you and your foot board is to the other.  Move your rear down to the edge of the mattress.  Your husband stands at the side of the bed and places your legs or the bottom of your feet up on his shoulders.  You should be making a 90 degree angle with your bodies.  We have bed risers so the height of our bed makes us match up perfectly.  If your genitals aren’t lining up try putting some pillows under your rear to lift you up. Now he can grab your ankles or hips as he thrusts.  This provides nice G-spot spot stimulation, gives easy access to the clitoris for a vibe or fingers, and the husband gets a great visual.  That reminds me.  I like to line my husband up in front of a mirror when we are using this position so that I too can get a nice visual of his backside going to work.  (That’s our secret though.  I don’t think he realizes what I am truly doing when I am lining him up. ;) )

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