Something very rare….

Something very rare in this day and age happened this past weekend…. my parents celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary!  They have been through so much over the years together… unemployment, cancer, raising kids, helping raise grandkids, lots of health issues…. not once did I ever hear them talk of divorce through all of this.  Their faith in the covenant that God joined them in was enough.  That promise to God and to each other made every day worth fighting for.  I love my parents dearly and thank God for such a wonderful example of what marriage truly is.

That also leads me to a blog that I read today about serving your spouse.   You can read it here.  Society today is so me centered, so to some the thought of putting someone else’s needs before your own is a totally foreign concept.  What’s in it for me?   What you don’t realize is that there is SO much in it for you if you do it with the right attitude.

My hubby is the best.  He really is.   No, seriously.   He is.  There isn’t enough time to tell you all the reasons that I think this.   I went through a period of time though that I wasn’t very good to him at all.    I was so totally and completely selfish and it truly hurt our relationship, but he didn’t give up.  Once the revelation came that I was selfish, I wanted to fix it.   I read articles, like the one I linked to above, about serving.  At first, I didn’t have the best attitude about it.   But in the past year, I’ve noticed a big change in myself…. I really enjoy doing things for him….not because I expect something in return, just because it feels good to do it, and I love making him feel good.    It’s really amazing how much it blesses our marriage.

So after reading the article, are you giving in your marriage?  In what ways do you enjoy serving your husband?



3 thoughts on “Something very rare….

  1. I have struggled with selfishness in my marriage a LOT, and it was really neat to see this phrase: ““The antidote to selfishness is service.” It’s difficult to be selfish when you are serving your spouse.” I’m going to think about that!!

  2. For me it’s definitely letting him know in word and action that I’m there for him and I believe in him. He’s active Navy, and it’s very easy for him or any other sailor to feel unappreciated or not respected. The good thing is that I don’t have to go all out or all elaborate to let him know I’m there and I care. Just taking time to visit him makes his day go a little bit better, or even saying “Hey, I’ve cleaned the place up and reorganized your things so they’re easier to find.” is more than enough for him.

    Tied with that is assuring him that I’m able to handle things on my own while he’s away (whether stuck on the ship or out at sea). Navy life is a challenge and never 100% predictable, but he asked me to marry him, knowing I could handle such things. I’m not about to let anything change that ;).

    • God bless your husband for his service to our country and God bless you for being there for him as well. Thank you both for your sacrifices.

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