POTW: Quickies on the Counter

I am a mom of 2 kids. Sometimes when I get a bit horny for my hubby, it’s not always after bedtime, if you know what I mean. There are times when the kids are plunked down in front of the computer/TV/Gamecube that we sneak off to the bathroom for a quickie.

Countertop sex just isn’t for the married with kids crowd. My husband and I used this method also when we were first married as well. If you are in the mood and have to be taken NOW, this is a perfect position to use. This can be done in the bathroom, the kitchen, on the edge of a sturdy table, the hood of a car or any place with a counter like surface. The woman is a bit more exposed than the man needs to be. For quickies, going commando with a miniskirt on works best. The skirt gets hiked up, the pump can be primed either with manual or oral sex if necessary, and you are off. This is a great position for tall men as well…the height difference becomes negligible when the woman is sitting on a counter. (By the way, kitchen counters are usually a few inches taller than bathroom counters)

Here are some of the things that I love about counter top sex.

1. I am higher off the ground and on a surface that will support my weight while putting my vagina on the same level as my tall hubby’s penis when he is standing.

2. My legs can more comfortably spread open to get maximum clitoral stimulation while he is thrusting.

3. I can use the mirrors in the bathroom to heighten the visuals of intercourse.

4. I love being able to see his penis thrusting into me.

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One thought on “POTW: Quickies on the Counter

  1. I love quickies like this too! Another variation is your hubby bending you over the counter or car or dining room table and taking you from behind. I really hope my husband does this to me soon :-). Oh, and my husband always tells me that he loves watching his penis thrusting in and out of me too.

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