3 thoughts on “Sex at Someone Elses House?

  1. The 1st time we had sex at my in-laws home, our bedroom was down a short hallway from the living room and other bedrooms; sort of set apart. It was incredibly exciting just trying to be extra quiet (thankfully the bed didn’t squeak or we’d have to use the floor ~ LOL!) I actually came and it was EXTREMELY hard to keep that quiet…but we did it and have continued to have sex there. We always make sure there is a box of tissues and then we have to get dressed to walk to the hall bathroom to tidy up (and we’ve been married for 31 years!) Hoping my in-laws hearing isn’t too good 😉

  2. We had sex at my in-laws’ home once. They were out for the day and we had the whole house to ourselves (which he pointed out to me before we finally got into it). It was a little bit of a challenge doing it in his old room on the converted futon, but it was worth it. Funny ’cause later, after everyone else was home, my mother-in-law mentioned that she had called earlier and ended up leaving a message. My husband’s response to that? “We were…busy.” 😉 She knew EXACTLY what he meant.

  3. When my father was going thru chemo I stayed with my parents to help out for the month while my DH was home. During a weekend visit my DH and I ML in my parent’s bed (my dad was in a hospital bed in the living room and my mom slept there too). It was that encounter that I ended up getting pregnant, in which we had been trying for about a year! 🙂

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