Monday poll… in the making

Not exactly a poll, but I would like to you to help me make this listing a list, and I will take the list here and make it into a poll to see what kind of sex toys you use in your bedroom.   Please feel free to post the names (no links, please…they will be reviewed for webpage content if you do and may NOT be posted if deemed the site would cause people to stumble. )
Here’s my list

*bullet vibes (single and double)

*clone a willy

*strap on butterfly

*g spot vibrator

*one more that I’ll have to look up it’s name…. had rotating beads inside the vibrator shaft…..

20 thoughts on “Monday poll… in the making

  1. We did a clone-a-willy kit before I was to leave for Iraq back in ’07. I wanted to feel closer to my husband while I was gone for a year. 🙂

    And I love my bullet vibrator from California Exotic Novilties. It has a silicone coating and the front is molded to look like a dragon’s head with three “tounges” that provide amazing clitoral stimulation.

  2. I have a bullet, butterfly kiss, massaging ball and nipple clamps. After seeing your list, I have to try a few more. 😉

  3. I have several toys in my nightstand I have a iVibe Rabbit ( I think this is what you described Spicynutmeg. I also have a 12” dildo that is 2-1/2” wide. I have several butt plugs in different sizes, several remote egg vibrators some with a cord and some with out. The most recant addition was the TIANI 2 by LELO. ( We had been trying out many of the eggs to use when we go out on date nights dinner and a move or out shopping. When I tryed the eggs in me or in my thong pressing up into my clit none of them worked the way I was hopping not staying in place. That’s when we got the Tiani it works great know I use it every time we go out. He has even talked me in to using one of my butt plugs and the Tiani driving me to great orgasms well we eat dinner. (well I try to eat lol) We are looking at getting some playful Jewelry like a Nipple Necklace ( and a Clit Caresser clip (

  4. Did you mean something along the lines of a rabbit vibe?

    Moving on…I have 2 clitoral vibrators. One is the Lelo Nea, which I absolutely love and use the most ’cause of its small size and the fact that it is rechargeable. I also have Fun Factory’s Laya Spot, which I don’t use a lot ’cause compared to the first one mentioned, it’s a lot bigger, thus more challenging to locate my happy spot with it. But, it is waterproof so that’s a plus.

  5. Please add to your list:
    * Lelo Mia, recharges using USB point (no charges to take on holiday/work with you)
    * C_k rings
    * clit & gspot dual vibe (we-vibe 3), my husband doesn’t get a lot out of the vibes but I gather other men do
    * Tenga eggs

  6. Hello gals! I am a novice to the world of sex toys but I would like to start incorporating some new things in our bedroom. For those of you who have bought and tried many toys over the years, what is your absolute favorite? What is the one vibe you think every woman should try? Have any of you ever tried the rabbit before? Is it good? Also, during my research, I’ve come across something called the “pussy pump”. It’s a vacuum like suction cup that goes over your genitals and engorges them so they become very puffy and thick. The sensation from oral or intercourse or hand play is said to be incredible. Anyone ever try that before? Does your pussy return to normal afterwards?

    I really need your help. There is soooooo much to choose from (and a lot of it is not cheap) so I really don’t want to waste our money. I want “tried and true” and highly recommended toys. Your advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks gals!

  7. Being new to toys. I have the Intimina Raya and the Celesse which is by Lelo. They are battery operated but are my favorite toys. They are also a great way to get a Lelo toy without a major investment. I also have have a remote egg by California Exotics that hubby and i like to play with. We also have a we-vibe 3 that we play with as will. I also have a top Cat glass dildo that I like to play with.
    I also have Lelo’s Luna Beads for Kegels that really help with exercise. LOL it also doesn’t hurt that they feel really good.
    We are considering getting a either a Lelo Layla2 or a Tiani 2 for public play times . Would love to hear about either one of these vibes. I really want something that hubby gets feedback from since neither of our remote toys does this. All of our toys are waterproof so that it makes playtime more interesting,

    • Hi Forsterchick

      Do you really like your rabbit vibe? (that’s the one that has the insertion part and clit stimulating part right?)

  8. Do any of you have a favorite toy out of all your toys that you would recommend others buy? Is there a favorite vibe that you use most often? Which vibes have you tried that you didn’t like? Any help you could give for a first timer would be greatly appreciated (I just don’t want to waste my money).

  9. Hi y’all,
    Please permit me to ask you all one more time: for those of you who have an extensive collection of toys in your “treasure chest” (or have tried many over the years), which one is your absolute favorite? Which one do you find yourself going to over and over again? Which one (in your opinion) should be a “must have” for any woman?

    Thanks so much! I really hope to hear from you.


    • Hey, did you ever end up trying anything? I’m thinking about it now…never thought I would. Let me know if you did and what you thought of it. Thanks!

  10. My hubby likes using the rabbit on me often but the things we use the most is the LELO TIANI and a butt plug when we go out on are weekly date nights (movies, dinner, shopping, exc..)

  11. I’m with tanya now…I want to try something. I’ve been surfing around here and covenant spice type sites and have come across the Black Magic Bullet. It has very good reviews. Has anyone on here tried that one? It seems like an inexpensive one to try for a first timer like me. Should I try it?

  12. Is it okay to order these items online? I don’t want to start getting graphic magazines or fliers, etc. if my address is sold, or the company I purchase from markets other times. At the same time, it is way more convenient to order online! Any thoughts on that?

    • Hey, there is a christian site called They keep it discreet I think and I’m sure they would not send any graphic stuff.

  13. I think our favorite toy is a We-Vibe II…it’s wearable during intercourse so lots of fun! We have a fairly extensive collection of toys; anal plugs, vibrators, cuffs…we don’t use a toy every time we have sex, but we usually have sex 4-5 times per week and use a toy at some point 1-3 times per week. Oh and also, we have a clit stimulating gel that my hubby uses before he does oral for me…it’s pretty fantastic! 🙂

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