POTW: Cowgirl (Woman on Top)

I am going to talk about my favorite position known as “cowgirl” or “woman on top”.  You can experience orgasms in this position are like no other orgasm you have ever experienced.   If you are a very visual person use mirrors. Set them up so you can see the two of you making love  without straining my neck. (I’m thinking our next bedroom may have to have mirrored walls and ceiling.)   Most husbands loves this position because he gets to lay back and enjoy the show.  What really is exciting about this position is seeing how excited it gets your husband.  You can physically see that he is aroused plus his breathing picks up a notch or two.  Your excitement will feed off each other.

Let’s talk about getting into position.  The husband usually lays flat on his back to start.  Then straddle him so one knee is on either side of his pelvis and ease yourself down onto his penis.  (Another variation is to squat with your feet flat on the bed.)  At this point you may like your husband to stay still and not thrust so that you can figure out what movement is working for you.  Now the movement can vary.  Some women like to move in circles; up and down; or more back and forth so you can grind your clitoris on his pelvic bone.

As you are doing your movements you can get some leverage with your arms by holding the bed frame, your husband’s shoulders or chest.  If you need some added stimulation first reach down and make sure your clitoris is exposed.  You or your husband can either stimulate your clitoris using fingers, hold a bullet vibe in place or your husband can try to sit up a bit more.  If your husband sits up, make sure he has plenty of pillows behind him so that your mind doesn’t start to wander thinking about if he’s comfortable or not.  You can even use a jelly ring like this for added stimulation.  It’s stretchy enough to accommodate any size penis.

So you are in position, you have your movements down and now for the extras.  This position frees your husband up to do whatever he pleases with his hands.  He can fondle your breast or caress your rear.  You, in turn, can reach down and caress his testicles and perineum (the area between his testicles and anus), run your nails over his inner thighs or caress your own breast.  When he is really aroused you can get into the “squatting” position.  I save this squatting position for last for two reasons.  First, it gives a very different sensation which sends him over the edge pretty quickly.  Secondly, it is a tremendous workout for my legs.  I can only keep this up for 15 minutes before my legs start shaking but focusing on his enthusiasm and the wonderful sensations I feel keeps me going.

I hope someone can get some helpful hints out of this article.  If you did not get the answers you were looking for and are even more confused, I apologize.  Feel free to leave a question either below in the comment box or in our ‘Got Questions’ section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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6 thoughts on “POTW: Cowgirl (Woman on Top)

  1. Only 15 minutes?!? Are you kidding me. I’m pretty sure I would have a coronary before then lol. Or DH would have to feed me part way through like in song of Solomon. It’s a great position but personally I don’t get enough clitoral stimulation out of it, DH is rather long and getting your cervix smacked puts a damper on the love making feeling to say the least.

  2. Cowgirl has never been my favorite – I love being on the bottom or on the side. But every now and then sitting cowgirl is the hot business for me. It’s definitely fun in a chair or on the couch. Having something to hold onto behind you definitely helps, too!

  3. I like being on the bottom too. I’d love to try one of the many woman-on-top options, but cowgirl doesn’t quite tickle my fancy. Maybe something like The Hug would work.

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