Archive | September 11, 2012


Just taking a quick break in the action to take some time to remember.   On this day eleven years ago, four US airplanes were hijacked and three of those were used as weapons against the United States.   The fourth one never hit its target due to some very heroic actions of the passengers of that plane.   It was speculated that it was headed for the White House.   Please pause a moment to pray for the families who are still grieving lost love ones, and thank God that there weren’t more casualties on that day.   There are so many people who have recounted stories of how they were supposed to be in the Twin Towers that day, but something delayed them or stopped them from going that day.

Americans, pray for our nation.  We are a nation that is quickly forgetting about God and His goodness towards us.   Thank him for the freedoms that we hold true and thank him for your life, to go onward spreading the Good News from the Gospels about Jesus Christ.  We are here because he still has a mission for us.  You commission is not over yet.

Thank you for your prayers, love and support on this day of remembrance.