POTW: X’s and O’s

This position is really simple and should work for any body type. It provides great visual stimulation to the husband, because he has a full frontal view of his wife, while the wife will have full view of the husband’s upper body.  This position also allows for manual or toy stimulation of the clitoris while the penis gives G-spot stimulation

*The wife lies down on her back, while the husband positions himself between her legs by sitting on his bottom.  His feet will be by her head/shoulder area if his legs remain straight.

*The wife may leave her legs straight, thus the pair of legs forms an X, or she can wrap her legs around her husband, bend her legs with her feet behind his hips or any other variation that comes into the imagination.

*Once in position… have sex!

(See!  I told you it was simple! 🙂 )  (This is the closest picture that I could find.)

It’s a lot of fun to vary the leg positions and switch off between who does the moving.  The husband may want to lean back on his arms while thrusting or hold onto his wife’s ankles.  The wife may ask her husband to sit still as she gyrates her hips.

This is one of our favorite positions because multiple orgasms (O’s) can be achieved because of direct clitoral stimulation.  Have fun getting into your groove with X’s & O’s!!

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