How would your husband respond?

Okay, I was perusing news articles on Yahoo tonight while waiting for my honey to get home, and I found this article…..

Six Secret Turn On’s for Men

As I read the article, it suggested there were 6 things that we try not to do that are actual turn ons for men.  Here is a brief synopsis….

1.  He loves that you indulge at dinnertime.  Guys love women who like to eat — not ladies who say they aren’t hungry and then pick at their date’s food all night.

2. He loves your occasional outbursts.    You may worry that it’s not ladylike, but occasionally letting a curse or rant escape your lips at an unexpected moment can be a major turn-on.

3. He loves that you aren’t a neat freak.  Believe it or not, guys find the proliferation of hair products, accessories and unidentified stuff strewn about your apartment oddly endearing.

4. He loves your extra paddingSure, you’ve heard that men love women with curves, but how about those extra pounds you’ve been trying to sweat off at the gym? There’s a good chance that your guy loves them, too.

5. He’s fascinated by your knowledge of the things you’re passionate about.   A man becomes fascinated by whatever it is that gets you all hot and bothered — regardless of whether or not he shares the same interests.

6. He loves a good head rub from youDon’t get me wrong — men love it when you grope their erogenous zones. But that’s not the only type of touch they crave.

Okay, when he got home, I asked my husband what he thought about this article’s suggestion of “turn ons”…. did he agree or disagree.   See, I don’t consider him a “typical male”  (Try it, ladies.  Ask your hubby to read it with you to see what he thinks.)    Mr. Nutmeg went through and said, “nope.  nope.  nope.  nope.  nope.  nope.”  (I kinda thought he would).  While he said some of them he could “slightly” agree with, but for the most part, he didn’t agree with them at all.  So then, I gave him some homework.  I asked him if he could rewrite the article, so to speak, how would HE write it.   And he did.

Now here’s my challenge to you…. get your hubby’s opinion of the article first…. THEN have him read Mr. Nutmeg’s list and see which one he agrees with more.   Here’s Mr. N’s rewrite….

1. Like regular food.  It’s ok to like a Bacon cheeseburger, and ice cream for dessert.   Guys are not impressed (usually) by fancy foods we can’t pronounce or afford

2.  Don’t be afraid to laugh like you mean it at something stupid.  I still remember watching the Letterman show with Spicy, and we laughed so hard at something so stupid that we couldn’t breathe. (“hey, that lady is stealing napkins!”)

3. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin as a tease.  I love looking at Spicy’s cleavage and imagining what could happen later.  I’m not saying you have to dress like a slut, but showing your figure is a huge turn on.

4. Be intelligent.   Nothing is a bigger turn off than realizing the person you are with is brain dead.   Men know they need a partner that can handle things when they aren’t around, or it turns into a frustrating marriage.

5.  Sleep naked.  Nothing is a passion killer than seeing your wife come to bed in a tshirt and granny panties.   Conversely, seeing Spicy coming to bed buck naked gets my heart racing, because I know that at the very least, she’s not shutting out the possibility of some skin to skin contact as we go to sleep, and that can last all night and into the morning.  I can’t tell you how many times we have slept all night naked in each other’s arms, and that led to action either in the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning.  Ladies, if you complain that you husband won’t snuggle, ask yourself if you’re asking him to snuggle with you, or your baggy nightshirt.

6. Tell me you need me in a sexual way.    Text it, say it on the phone, or just tell me in person.   No bigger turn on in the world than sex out of  real desire, instead of sex out of obligation and duty

So, which does he agree with?  Let me know in the comment section below.  (PS…. do your homework on this one…. there’s a poll on it coming this Monday!)

8 thoughts on “How would your husband respond?

  1. No, no, no, yes, YES, yes. Mr N’s list no, no, yes, yes, “do you even have to ask?” and HECK YEAH. Now I can’t wait for the poll. 🙂

  2. no,no,no,no,no,no Mr Nutmeg’s list was yes,yes,Heck Yeah and as often as posable LOL he does love hotsexywife’s cleavage, yes, and last one was he asked me “is there any other way to sleep? i thing thats biblical isn’t it LOL”

    • Sorry the last one was a big yes he loves me txting him how i miss his touch and need him to ML to me or to send him playful sexy pics of my self he really loves that.

  3. Re: sleepwear… i think the occasional shock seems to be important. i normally sleep naked. one night early in our marriage i was cold and wore a big baggy shirt to bed. He saw that and flipped out and tore it off of me! He made sure i stayed warm the rest of that night 😀 And i learned something: if i want extra attention, i can wear something horrible to bed. He will get rid of it right away and give me some wonderful punishments 😀 😀 😀

  4. Hubby and I don’t sleep naked on a regular basis, but occasionally we have in the past. Lately we’ll both slip into sleepwear and he’ll roll over so that he traps my leg against him using his foot. Or if I’m resting with my head on or near his shoulder, he’ll move the arm that’s closest to me so that he gets a boob grab ;). Or he’ll lick the side of my face and grin. He’s so cute.

  5. I don’t have exact answers, but there was a mixture of yes and no on both. Like normal food, head rubs are a yes. He added one of his turn-ons: when I wear my Eagles jersey, and am interested in football. haha. guess i’ll have to break out my Dawkins jersey tomorrow night. 🙂

    • Yeah, my hubby’s a baseball guy, but wearing a jersey and nothing else wouldn’t do… he’d say I was still wearing too many clothes! 🙂

  6. ha, well yeah, I guess its the same for him, it just get’s him in the mood instantly, and the jersey doesn’t stay on too long.

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