Are you a visual person?

I had a reader comment come into my email, and I know there are probably many women curious about this as well.
Men are always thought to be visually stimulated.  When a man in visually stimulated, it’s usually pretty obvious, but what about women?  Are women visually stimulated?  Is it OK to be visually stimulated?

Of course it is okay for a woman to be visually stimulated.  If the sight of her husband’s erection really turns her on, there is absolutely no problem with that.  He probably LOVES it!  Now, it’s harder to tell visually that a woman is stimulated visually, but that doesn’t mean in doesn’t happen.

Me?  Yes, I love to watch my husband’s naked body and his erection.    I am not one that is visually stimulated.   My stimulation comes from touch and smell  more than sight.   There is nothing wrong, biblically with visual stimulation.   Reading Song of Solomon or going through the Peasant Princess series (Mars Hill Church, Mark Driscoll pastor) are good resources can give you some insight.

If you are not visually stimulated, there is nothing wrong with you.  Please don’t think you are defective or anything.  If you are visually stimulated, there is nothing wrong with you either!  God created each of us differently and unique, but all in His image.  Embrace the way God created you in your marriage.   Bless your husband no matter if you are visually stimulated or not.   God approves either way!


5 thoughts on “Are you a visual person?

  1. I, too, need the touching and closeness to get turned on. What also works for me is when my hubby ravages me…you know, is really turned on and wants me really badly! That usually gets me going too. But not just seeing my husband naked (as much as I admire his great body! And I really do! I think he’s really hot! :-))

    Are there any women reading this blog who get really turned on just by the site of their naked man? My husband can’t get enough of me naked. He pops a boner every time. He wishes I would never wear clothes around the house. Seeing me naked really turns him on. He always jokes with me that I have the easiest job getting him aroused…just take off my clothes ha ha. Sometimes I wish it worked that easy for me too (i.e. that seeing him naked would make me horny). Anybody get instantly horny by seeing their hubby naked?

  2. I personally vary in this. Sometimes, all that needs to happen is for me to see hubby naked, and I’m ready to jump in bed. Other times I need much more. Words work wonders for me, in the very beginning. Then of course touch and smell.

  3. We were both virgins when we got married and when I saw my husband naked for the first time, woah! I was already pretty heated up, but seeing his good look’n, naked, trim and muscular bod I was on fire!
    I would say I’m a combination of things. I’m visual and I like touch. Smell doesn’t do anything for me, but what is the biggest turn on is the setting of when we make love. Sometimes having to grab a towel or a condom can be a sudden turn off because it alters the mood for a moment and it makes the setting less romantic. Tanya, I like to be ravaged too! But he’s never really gotten into it. I’ve hinted and we even both put it on our sex survey that we’d both like it, but I have a strong personality so I think it feels a little fake for him if he were to try it more. Any tips?
    But to answer your question, no I don’t just get turned on by seeing him naked, it has to be the right setting. But once I hop in the shower, or start to get dressed there’s no stopping him going in for the grab and getting hard. Lol. We’ve got it so easy that way I guess 😉

  4. Seeing hubby in the buff can get the juices going, and sometimes for whatever reason it makes me feel embarrassed. It shouldn’t though, right? I mean, we’ve been married over 2 years now.

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