3 thoughts on “How often do you go commando?

  1. I only went commando once in our apartment. Hubby came home early from work, so I told him I had a little surprise for him. I showered and put on one of my dresses and came back out to the living room. He complimented my appearance and then I leaned close and whispered that I had absolutely nothing on under the dress. He was quite pleased ^_^. I don’t have a figure where I can get away with going bra-less, but I could probably ditch the underpants sometime in the future ;).

  2. Gosh, I wish I was bold enough to try this. Maybe I should try it at home first, then work my up to going out like that.

  3. I answered once in a blue moon but I think I’ll do it more often since I’ve had my sexual awakening! I’m sure DH wouldn’t mind! 😉

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