Archive | August 22, 2012

How can I increase my desire for sex?

The answer to that question is more sex.

Think about it…. Here is my own experience…. over the past week, my dh and I have made love at least once a day, sometimes twice, skipping only one day.   The result… I can tell that my desire for him and my desire for sex is increasing!  I can be literally sitting here watching tv and my desire is increasing just being next to him.

I am not saying that this will work for everyone, but it really does work.  Coming into it, you can’t have a bad attitude about it…. “oh, Spicynutmeg says I HAVE to have sex more often…. here goes…”   Going into it with a positive attitude, especially if you really WANT you desire to increase to the point where you are having more LM time with your spouse, you just can’t treat it like a chore that you have to do like the dishes in the sink that need washing.   Pray that God would give you a good attitude about it.

You don’t have to be a high drive spouse or hope to become a high drive spouse over night, but if you want to feel the stirrings of desire, take the plunge.   Try it for just a week…. then maybe 2 weeks.  It really is a great experiment and I know that your hubby will love it.  Men love to be desired, and this is one way that you can show him how much you do desire him.

So… are you willing to give it a try?  I have a few more days until my next cycle is “supposed” to start, so we’ll give it all we’ve got until Aunt Flo arrives….who knows, she may be late like she is sometimes to give us some more time to have fun!