Ransom notes

I was perusing around the internet, and reading on the Generous Wife (thanks, Lori, for a great blog!!) and I found the cutest idea that I want to throw at you….

Ransom notes.

I’m in the process of trying to think of ways that I can be a little more forthcoming.  I know that my husband would love it if I would initiate more often.  I’m just one of those gals who needs to get into the moment to really get into sex.  Not that I’m not married to a hunk…I love my husband and everything about him… I’m just not the type of woman who goes around horny all day.

The idea behind these notes is to take something of importance to your husband, leave a ransom note behind, telling him he can get said item back for something that you want/need.  One example given was to steal his clothes when he is in the shower and leave a ransom note that he can get them back after a romp!  Or how about the remote….. lol!  I think I would need to get pretty creative with my hubby.  He’d like that I am sure.

Have you ever done anything like this?  What did you hide/ransom?  What was his reaction?   My suggestion…. don’t steal his keys if he’s late for work…. or the remote when the baseball game is about to start….. I am sure we can all come up with some cool ways to make this happen!  So what do you think?


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