Q&A: Warming Gels and Lubricants

I had a reader ask the following question:

I’ve often seen in stores “Warming Gels” Some inexpensive KY brand. some a little more pricey. Do you have any experience with them? What about using them with Oral sex? Thanks!

Back when my awakening began, DH and I experimented with getting my arousal level up, and one of the things we tried was “warming lubes”.   We tried several different kinds, and I am trying to think back to my opinions on them.

If you go to amazon.com and search for warming lubricants, there are so many to choose from!  I believe we tried Astroglide warming , Durex, KY Yours and Mine, and one other that wasn’t really a warming lubricant, but was a cream that you applied directly to the clitoris to get a “tingly” sensation for arousal purposes…for the life of me, I cannot remember what it is called, but I bought it at Walmart.

I know that my husband and I haven’t had much success with Astroglide of any kind.   KY Yours and Mine was really disappointing to me.   The commercials made it look like something any marriage bed couldn’t do without, but I found it kind of  “meh”.  It did give a tingly sensation for me, but when ours “met”, there were no fireworks.   I always thought it was kind of a dud.   I think the Durex was probably the one I liked the most out of the three lubes I tried, but it’s been forever since I used it.

Overall, I found, for myself, that I have really sensitive skin, so they didn’t always work as well for me as I would have liked.  You do get a tingling sensation, a warming sensation that does get you “going” so to speak, but they always ended up feeling like they were burning my skin…but then again, I do have very sensitive skin there, and I could have used too much in my attempts to get aroused.  I would be willing to try them again, since it has been years since I used them.   In moderation, they would probably be fine since my labia seem to be the most sensitive area now a days,  and not my clitoris.

So ladies, what experiences have you had with warming lubricants and gels?   Which ones have you tried?  Which ones did you like?  Which did you not like?   Please feel free to add your comments below.

4 thoughts on “Q&A: Warming Gels and Lubricants

  1. Hubby and I use KY’s Yours and Mine. We also have the KY Intrigue, which I don’t like too much on me but we still use it when I’m giving him some anal ;). While we don’t use the Yours and Mine together that much now, I still like the one designed for the woman. Maybe it’s one of the ingredients, but that tingly feeling works really well for me in regards to clitoral stimulation.

    As far as KY’s Kissable Sensations for the Body, ewwwww. Can’t it. Last time I used it was yesterday and I spread a little bit below hubby’s ribcage and elsewhere on his torso, and unfortunately, it made me gag. I’m sure there are better choices that actually taste better, but we’ve not picked them up yet.

  2. I would highly suggest KY INTENSE. It’s an arousal get for your clitoris. It’s a little pricey(about $20 I think) but totally worth it and it lasts forever. At wal-mart they have sampler packs of different kinds of lube in little bottles so you can try what you like without spending tons for something you might not even like. A good tip for the warming lube is to just use it on your clitoris to start with just in case it burns. Good luck and spicy married sex to you!

  3. I have tried lots of different things. Zestra works the best (i’d say 75% success, which is a LOT for me). It comes in a green box with 3 envelopes inside, and can be found at Walmart type places. Zestra has a very strong smell and tastes kind of awful, so i rarely use it. But it works! 😀 The second best thing i’ve found is called Rocket Balm, sold in a little round tin. It’s marketed for men but is fine for women to use. It has a strong mentholly feeling and smells nice to me. I’ve only seen it in sex shops, but you can probably buy it online if you don’t care to go out for it. Oh! And i also really like this stuff called 18 Again (yeah, i know) which comes in a tube, also at the sex shop, with big pink letters. The main active ingredient is alum, and it’s applied internally. It really tightens things up for a bit and increases sensation for both of us. I’m sure there are similar products with a less embarrassing brand name than 18 Again 😀
    I am still searching for a good, strong warming lube but haven’t found one that really feels warm to me. I won’t list the products which haven’t worked for me, because they might be great for others. The main thing is to go shopping, try a few things, and keep trying. I have found that nothing works every time, so be sure to try things more than once (unless they are painful). If your husband is interested in helping you shop, that can build intimacy and be a lot of fun for both of you. My husband isn’t much of a shopper, but he is very supportive and enjoys the experiments 🙂

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