Archive | July 4, 2012

Clitoral orgasms v vaginal orgasms

I reader wrote in to me about orgasm difficulties she was having.   She’s able to get an orgasm with a vibrator or with the water from her shower head, but she is inquiring about wanting to know how to get one during intercourse.

I actually starting “touching” myself when I was probably about 8-9ish.  I was playing in the basement of our house, when I happened upon a stash of my Dad’s Playboy magazines.   I opened one, intrigued, to see what it was and came upon a picture (centerfold) of a naked woman who was touching her clitoris.  I don’t know why, but that at times, I can still see that picture in my mind… I found and touched my own clitoris then, and realized that it felt really good to touch it.   From that point on, my interest in the feelings I got from it continued on for years…. so from a very young age, I was able to determine what needed to be done to make that area of my body feel good.

Once you realize what it takes to get that wonderful warm feeling of an orgasm, you need to determine how to pass that information on to your husband, so he can help.   One thing that has helped me when I went through a period of only getting clitoral orgasms was to try to find positions to use in which I could grind my clitoris against my husband during intercourse.   WOT (woman on top) is one of those positions where you can take control and drag your clitoris along his shaft or grind it into his body until you orgasm.   If you are okay with going back to the Christian Nymphos page, we have a whole page (section) on positions of the week. You can look through these at your leisure to see if any of these would work for you.  The closer you get your body to his (which means deep penetration), the better chance you have to get a clitoral orgasm during intercourse.

Now, while you are in there as deep as penetration is possible, you may find that you reach a point where your vaginal walls are really stimulated.   I was totally surprised (pleasantly of course) when I had my first vaginal orgasm.    There are two spots inside the vagina that when stimulated can create an orgasm.  The first is the G-spot, located just inside the vaginal opening on the roof of the vagina.   If you stick one finger inside your vagina and do the “come here” motion, you will find the G-spot.   I love G-spot orgasms.   Incredible when you stimulate it just right.  The other is Deep Spot orgasms.  You can read about it, but it’s basically back near your cervix.  Be careful!  If you thrust and hit the cervix, it HURTS!  BUT I have had deep spot orgasms in the past, too, that were really good…just don’t get them as often.

I hope this helps.  If there are any tips or tricks that you have to help this reader out, please feel free to respond.