6 thoughts on “What kind of terms do you use for your/his sex organs?

  1. Just wondering: what’s the difference between “hot and spicy” and “basic slang”? Does “pussy” fall under basic slang or is that considered hot and spicy?

    • Depends on your own personal opinion. Which do you consider it? Some consider it basic slang…. some consider it hot and spicy.

  2. It definitely can be both. I consider it basic slang but I also think it’s hot and spicy. Just wondering how many women out call it a pussy?

    Enjoy your vacation Spicynutmeg! May you have much rest and relaxation and great sex with your hubby!

  3. I did a little research and according to experts on slang etymology, the term “pussy” derives from the Low German “puse” (pronounced like “puss ee”), meaning “vulva”. So, it’s really not a vulgar or crude word at all. Just another way of saying vulva. I found that interesting.

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