Lord, Deliver Me From Every Evil Work

He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, but whoever walks wisely will be delivered. (Proverbs 28:26)

Deliverer (definition  Webster’s):  one who delivers; one who releases or rescues; a preserver.

Two weeks ago, I had traded shifts with my assistant so she could take care of some business.  On my way to work, I cried all the way.   I was dreading work.  I never dread work, I love my work!  Satan had been throwing stuff at me left and right… one thing after another.   I am a Type A person all the way.  My spiritual gift is administration.  I pride myself with making schedules, plans, and keeping all surprises at bay.    I hate surprises.  Guess what I had been hit with ALL that past week.  You guessed it.  Surprise after surprise, that messed with my plans and schedules, and I was letting myself get in deep in frustration and stress.   Satan never laughed so hard at watching me.   So on the way to work, I was crying…. not looking forward to what the day would bring.   So I turned off my radio and cried out to the Lord.   I told him I couldn’t handle it anymore.   I was taking on his yoke and following him.  I asked him to PLEASE show me what I need to do.   Please help me make wise decisions and to wipe the stress off my face that others were seeing.   I asked him to please help me.  I needed his help.

He revealed something to me.   He had been there all along… I just didn’t see Him.

I work in a child care facility.  All that week, I had been showered so much with hugs from the kids.   Several classes worth of kids.  One little 11 month old would see me come to the door of her classroom, and she would stop what she was doing and CRAWL over to me and want me to pick her up and she would shower me with kisses.   God was there.   All week.  He was showing me his love through the kids.   I realized at that point, that I was at my most relaxed, most calm, most stress free when I went into see the kids.    I cried some more and apologized to God for not seeing Him there with the kids.

When I got to work, first thing I did was go to all the classes.   I had kids coming up to me and hugging me, then it started…. “I love you”.   I cannot tell you how many times I heard “I love you.” from those precious children.   I almost cried again.  I thanked God for those children.   I thanked God period.   As my day went on, I found that my work was much easier and it was flowing better.   I was so thankful.

Dear friends, God is there even when we don’t see Him to rescue us… from stress, depression, angst, addictions… you name it.  All we have to do is look.   Prayer works, friends.  It really works.   God wants you to want him as much as an infant needs his mother.   He wants to provide for you.  He wants to help you.  He doesn’t want to see the evil one consume you,  He wants to rescue you when we try to do things without Him.

I love her section on how to find deliverance:

1.  Pray for it yourself (I did just that)

2. Have other strong believers pray with you for it (I did this, too)

3. Read the truth in God’s word (yep)

4. Spend more time in the Lord’s presence (I sure need to do that!)

I agree with her and have found out myself that praise and worship is effective and really works!  When I am down, I turn to Youtube.  LOL.  Yes, I said Youtube.   I search for one of my favorite artists.   Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, Mercy Me, Casting Crowns (!!)…. I click on one song and start singing with it.   As it comes to a close, I look in the sidebar for suggestions and see another song I love, click it, and off I go again.   I end up feeling SO good and on such a high with the Lord when I’m through.    Satan flees.   He does not like me praising God when I should be feeling sorry for myself.    “The angel of the LORD encamps all around those who fear Him and delivers them.” (Psalm 34:7)

Thank you, Lord, for delivering me from the evil one.  I don’t even understand how unbelievers make it without you.   You are the most awesome one, and I praise you and thank you for delivering me.  Thank you for sending your Son to be my Saviour.  I love you so much!

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