Using games to spice up your sex life!

I don’t know about you, but there are some really fun games out there to play. I’m not talking about sex games (yet!), but regular board games like Monopoly, Pictionary, and Scrabble….or card games like Poker, Uno, Spades, Phase 10 or any other game you enjoy playing. Ever thought about spicing up a game with your spouse? Any game you can play with a friend can become a spice in your sex life with your spouse when you add the word ”STRIP” to it!

Let’s take poker for example. I am sure that strip poker has been played throughout the centuries. If you lose a hand, you have to take off an article of clothing. No fair cheating by loading up on clothes before the game starts! Put on some romantic music, candle light, and break out the playing cards. If you are really bad at poker, you could make your spouse a very happy person! But how about other games….Pictionary would be very interesting… could play this way., if your spouse doesn’t guess the word you drew, you take off an article of clothing…or maybe even DRAW something that you would like to do to your spouse and have them guess. Things could get very HOT that way!! Monopoly is a nice long game….if you have a monopoly on a property and your spouse doesn’t have the money to pay rent, maybe you could trade a *favor* like oral sex, a hand job, or something along that line to pay the rent. Scrabble….hmmm, you can only spell words related to sex or sexual acts you would like to do with your spouse….triple word score could really be a way to score big with your spouse.

There are also games that are sexual in nature. My husband and I once played a computer board game called Bliss. ( It was my first sex game, I was a bit nervous about it, but it was with my husband, so we played. This is a game that can be customized to the level of arousal you want for the game. There are several skins for you to choose from for your game board. Each spouse has a profile that they fill out at the start of the game with things you are willing to do and things you are not willing to do. You choose! If you have toys at your disposal, you tell the game what you have or what you are willing to use. You tell the game what clothing you are wearing at the beginning of the game. Bliss also allows you to choose your arousal level at the beginning of the game. My husband is always NUCLEAR! Me, I may be warm or cold and need warmed up a tad to get things going for me. Once all your personal data is loaded into the game, you are ready to play! It was fun the time we played it. My husband is ready to play it again!

As long as what happens in your marriage bed stays in your marriage bed, there is no reason to not explore other ways and means to get you ready for good, hot, passionate sex with your spouse. If playing a game gets you there, have fun playing!

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