Archive | May 4, 2012

Lord, Keep Me in the Center of Your Will

God’s will.  Sometimes it seems so clear…other times, so elusive.   I had a friend in her mid 20’s that was diagnosed with breast cancer.   How we all prayed for healing for her.  That God would take that cancer away from her for good….but that wasn’t God’s will.   God’s will was to heal her in heaven.    Did God’s will seem fair at the time? No.  She left behind a husband and two children, a family who loved her dearly, lots of friends who she inspired and loved her very much.   There is a situation happening right now in another friend’s life that I totally don’t understand why.   But from my earlier friend’s ordeal with cancer, I did learn a lot about God’s will.   When I pray, I always include that God would show me his will or that God’s will be done.   It might now be the way I want to see it happen, but God’s way is the best way.   That is one thing I have learned quite well over the years.

I like her “4 Good Things that are true about God’s will”…. Just because we’re Christians, doesn’t mean there won’t ever be trouble.   As a matter of fact, as Christians, we’re designated for trouble, and Satan works overtime to place us in situations that will cause us to doubt God.  But if you are truly doing what God wants you to do, you’ll be able to deal with the trouble much better.   Following God’s will is not easy.  Jesus is a prime candidate for this rule.   Being crucified was not easy, but it was what God wanted him to do.   If Jesus can do it, he surely can help us do it as well.  Following God will make you very uncomfortable.  Sometimes it makes me reevaluate if I am really in God’s will when I am comfortable.  I have seen several friends go through some really trying things, which I can tell are really stretching their faith, but they remain faithful even though things are getting/did get very hard for them.   To be in the will of God, will we really do what he says?  It’s not something that happens immediately.   It’s a conscious decision that we have to make and follow through.

Looks like I need to spend some time in prayer to be sure that I am in God’s will and that he will guide me all along the way.  God’s will isn’t easy, it doesn’t always make sense, but He is faithful and just, and he will keep his promises to you.    Are you walking in God’s will?  How do you know?