Comfort Zone

There are times when I feel like a turtle…I creep back into my shell and don’t really want to face something new.It’s scary…it’s intimidating….it’s….naughty?

My hubby and I had a great date night one evening awhile back.We went to dinner and to see a movie… nothing out of the ordinary….except that night, I chose to come out of my comfort zone…

It is so easy to stay within your comfort zone.Especially for me, but that night, I did something that I thought was very daring.I dressed up in a dress that I would not normally wear.I am a tomboy, but this dress was rather skimpy according to my terms.While at the restaurant, I excused myself to go to the bathroom, and while there, I removed my thong panty and stuck it in my purse.Later when we left the restaurant and before we got to the theater, I made a plan to reveal to my hubby that I was now commando in the movie.That for me was a major step out of my comfort zone!I stuck the thong in the pocket of his jacket.I believe he really liked it that I was being so daring.We were trying to get into the back row of the theater to “do some business”, but it was packed…we settled for the front row.He had plans, too…he had LUBE in his pocket!Needless to say, during the movie, with his coat over his lap and mine, he fingered me to a couple of orgasms during the movie….with a young couple just a few seats away from us!It was so exhilarating!

On the way home, I gave him a blow job in the car while he was driving…not the safest thing in the world, but it was so much fun.(He drove quite well, too)By the time we got home, we were wishing the sitter could drive herself home!When he got back from taking the sitter home, there was some really good lovin’ that night!

Coming out of your comfort zone can add a lot of spice to your marriage bed.It most certainly did for ours!

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4 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

  1. Been trying to get out of my comfort zone lately. It seems my “zone” has narrowed as my kids have gotten older and more aware. When they were little we used to be able to get away with morning sex, sex on the couch or on the back porch…not so much now. It’s got to be behind locked doors and after their bedtime. So, if our location and time frame is non-negotiable, at least I can get creative with techniques and date-night surprises!

  2. I am vary thankfull for this blog now i have a place to shair how i whent out of my comfort zone.
    my zone was contained within the walls of our bed room whitch is ok but after 24years it has lost the
    surprise factor so when dh came home in the morning after a job cancled and sead lets go for a walk
    i sead how about bring a lunch and go to a trail close to the house he sead ok I when and changed into swet shorts with a nice little tang pantie under ant a tee with a haulter top under and sockes and hiking shoes

    We got to the place and no other cars in the lot a boost of confidence for me if there would have been
    others around it would have been just a walk in the woods. So far my plan was going my way we walked and talked DH was taking pitchers along the way he stoped to gt a shot of some small flowers that had just came out I stould behind him and disrobed down to my panties and shoes and walked around him and keeped going i was so excited my skin was tingling and i could feal my srlf getting wet dh did not see what i hat done he was to into the pic of the plant I stoped by a tree and sead to him to take my pic when he looked up his eyes bugged out his mouth droped open and
    he started to take pitchers I had never though that i could do that thoes are the only nude pics
    he also got in the pics with me what a day Sex out in Gods creation was tremendos that was last fall
    looking for a spring time chance (We never ate lunch)

  3. I found this site a few days ago, and boy, I feel like Ive been set free almost, or its given me a freedom I never thought was possible within a sexual marriage relationship! Anyways, from reading this a few days ago, Ive planned a date for us to go to a friends party and dancing afterwards, and I’m going to go commando, which I have NEVER done before, so I’m hoping that my hubby likes it. I thought I would mention it while we are dancing together, and hope he can’t resist me on the way home 😉 Thanks so much for creating a site like this. I appreciate it! Cant wait to get closer with the hubby and have an even better connection!

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