I have come to a realization lately about something that comes full circle….

Blessing someone brings blessings back to you

Recently, I have had a break through of sorts.  We go through our ups and downs…. I am not always the same as I was in my CN days in my attitude and in bed with my DH.    I know he misses it.   But I have made a discovery, that I am hopeful that I can continue.  I want to try to bless my husband in some way each and every day…. I started trying to do this on April 11.

Sometimes it is just a small thing…. like filing up his gas tank when I know he has a long travel in his car the next day.   Sometimes it is making his favorite dinner and telling him that I am making a surprise for him for dinner.   Sometimes it is oral sex before intercourse.   I am going to try to find one way to bless him every day.  And I soon begin to notice that blessing him makes him feel loved and needed.  It is my hope that through what I am going to try to do for him, that it will change his life for the better, and maybe, just maybe I  (or others) will reap the rewards and be blessed in return.

Am I expecting him to do it back.  No, no, no.  I don’t want to see selfishness on either of our part expecting it in return.  It’s just a nice little social experiment to see what happens.  Maybe our whole marriage will be blessed.   I guess we shall see!

What experience do you have with blessing your husbands?

One thought on “Blessings

  1. It is a blessing and a joy to serve my husband. I love being able to take care of him and our home. And you’re right – blessing returns upon blessing. The more I’m focused on loving and serving my husband, the more he loves and serves me also. This morning my husband brought home a beautiful purple iris bouquet as a thank you for what I do for him. It was a wonderful surprise to open my eyes this morning and to see my favorite flowers and his handsome face! God has blessed me with such a wonderful, spontaneously romantic and thoughtful man.

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