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Never Alone

Psalm 13

 1 How long, LORD? Will you forget me forever?
   How long will you hide your face from me?
2 How long must I wrestle with my thoughts
   and day after day have sorrow in my heart?
   How long will my enemy triumph over me?

 3 Look on me and answer, LORD my God.
   Give light to my eyes, or I will sleep in death,
4 and my enemy will say, “I have overcome him,”
   and my foes will rejoice when I fall.

 5 But I trust in your unfailing love;
   my heart rejoices in your salvation.
6 I will sing the LORD’s praise,
   for he has been good to me.

In this psalm, the writer found himself feeling so alone, so seemingly abandoned by God, that he was plunged into a deep depression and despair that took him to the edge of death. He was wrestling with his thoughts. His sorrow was overwhelming.

Perhaps you can relate to such feelings. Perhaps you know what it’s like when your thoughts are whirling around in aching confusion. You may know what it’s like to plead with God for light, for peace, for an alternative to the spiritual death you think is imminent.

Then comes the “but.” The psalmist, even as he was suffering terribly, stopped himself with that little word. David chose to trust in God’s goodness even when his heart was failing and grieving. Because he knew God, he chose to trust in God’s unfailing love and rejoice even in the midst of sorrow.

Did you get that? He said, “But . . . I will” (verses 5-6). The psalmist made a choice. He made a conscious decision to trust in God’s love even when the dark clouds of terror and depression hid God’s face.

David knew this as a fact. And you can know it too: You are never alone. God is always nearby . . . even when you can’t see his face or feel his presence. When you feel alone, call out to him. No matter how you feel, the fact remains: He is here. He is everywhere. And he hears your cries.

(taken from a Women’s devotion)

Chapter 15: Lord, Guide Me in All My Relationships

I realized between all the busyness of my life, I forgot to put this chapter up!  Sorry for the delay!!

The first part of the chapter about the gangs really saddened me.  It saddens me because we all were born with the need for relationships.  These poor kids grew up with a big hole in their heart….one they tried to fill probably as a child, but they knew something was missing… a relationship.   And when their families and friends didn’t fill it, they looked for some way that they could feel they belong.   It saddens me that they would feel that they would need to murder someone to belong.

I’ve known a lot of Christians who once they accept Christ as their Savior, they don’t find a church body to grow and be loved and to love.   I was one of those.  I searched and searched when I was first saved, and when I couldn’t find anything to fill the bill, I stopped trying.  I am sure that Satan was purely happy about that.  It gave him time to work really hard on me to doubt my salvation, since nothing seemed to go easily once I got saved…it actually got harder.

It wasn’t until I was married and our son was 3, did we find what I called a church home.   A body of believers, who at first loved us unconditionally while we got to know the church, and then who encouraged us to serve and to be served.   There was so much love in that body of Christ, it was incredible.

Her section on friends is incredible.   I always used to think that something was wrong with me because I really don’t have very many close friends.   Stormie helped me to see that the close friends I have, even though there aren’t many, are just the friends that God has chosen to help me imitate him.    As I read her “Seven Good Signs of a Desirable Friend”, my friends all fit the bill….

1.A desirable friend tells you the truth in love.

2. A desirable friend gives you sound advice.

3. A desirable friend refines you.

4. A desirable friend helps you grow in wisdom.

5. A desirable friend stays close to you.

6. A desirable friend loves you and stands by you.

7. A desirable friend is a help in times of trouble.

My closest friends are my coworkers.   I literally cringe every time I hear them call my their “boss” in a phone conversation or to families that we serve because I was their friend before I was their boss.   They are truly beautiful Christian people who love God and who love me.  I need to start praying more for these ladies.   They are my true friends whom God has blessed me with.

Have you ever evaluated your friends?  Do they build you up, or do they tempt you to sin?  Are they in God’s Word or are the foolish followers of the world?  Do they give you good advice or ungodly counsel?   Pray for the friends in your life.  If you have some undesirable friends, pray that God would give you wisdom about them….are you planting a seed or do you need to let them go.

Again, sorry this is so late.  It was a very good chapter to read and one that made me realize that even though my friends are few, my friends are good, strong Christians who are just who I need.

Throwback Thursdays: Touching yourself

Orgasm… It’s a wonderful euphoric feeling. It’s a high. It’s a stress reducer. It’s also something that can be learned. Masturbation for women can serve several purposes:

  1. It can give a good quick orgasm when one is needed.
  2. It can rev up your sex drive.
  3. It can help you learn how to orgasm more easily with your husband.

So, how should you do it? Women masturbate in different ways. Some like humping or grinding themselves up against something such as a pillow or edge of a mattress. This can be beneficial to making love. If you can bring yourself to orgasm by this method (hands free), then the woman on top position may be for you! Women who like to be on top while making love say that they like to move around and grind their clitoris against their husband’s pubic bone or flexed abdominal muscles. They can bring themselves to orgasm better this way instead of just pumping up and down on his penis.

Then there is the hands on method. If you can bring yourself to orgasm using your own hand and fingers, then you will be more likely to orgasm by your husband’s touch. You will be able to teach him how to touch you the way your body likes it. Set aside some alone time and practice. Explore yourself and see what feels good. Not sure how to get started? I have some tips.

Make sure that you have plenty of alone time where there will be no interruptions and distractions. Get naked and get comfortable! You may prefer a hot bath or the bed. If you do not self lubricate well, then have a bottle of lube on hand. Sitting in front of a mirror can also be erotic and help put you in the mood. Pick a comfortable position and start touching yourself in all your erogenous zones. You know what feels good to you. If it helps, stick your fingers in your mouth and get them wet. Then trace them over your body, your neck, your nipples, your thighs, all the while imagining that it is your husband’s tongue. When you make it to your vulva, open your legs wide. Lick your fingers again or apply lube if needed. You want your fingers to be able to glide smoothly. Rub all around your vulva, from top to bottom, grazing over your clitoris from time to time. Tease yourself. Let it build. If you want to, then use your other hand to insert a couple of fingers into your vagina at the same time. (A toy can also be used.) This will help to provide g-spot stimulation at the same time. If you like anal play, then lube up your back side and allow your fingers to caress that as well. Some women like gentle caressing while others like penetration of the anus.

When you can’t wait any longer, focus your attentions on your clitoris. Do what feels good for you. If you like direct stimulation, then go for it! You can use the palm of your hand or the tips of your fingers. Back and forth or around in circles. Gentle touches or firmer pressure. Increase your pace while you imagine your husband watching, or helping, or making love to you. If it helps talk dirty to yourself out loud or in your mind. Say those things that you love to hear. Say the things that help to send you over the top. Sometimes really deep breathing or even holding your breath can help to put you over the top. When you orgasm, do what feels natural. If you need to move around, then do so! If you need to scream or moan or say something, then let go and say it! Ride the waves as they spasm throughout your body. Keep going until you can’t take it anymore. Some women can have multiples by continuing to apply pressure to the clitoris after the first orgasm. (Peppermint Girl wrote a nice two-part article on Multiple Orgasms.) Just do what feels good for you. Afterwards, enjoy your come down time.

There are many different variables to consider when touching yourself. Each woman is different. Masturbating is a very safe and totally natural way to learn how your body responds to touch. It can help a woman learn how to reach orgasm more easily with her husband. Doing it regularly can also really increase your sex drive. It will make you feel more sexual and your body will become accustomed to having frequent orgasms. In turn you will want sex with your husband more…and he will be a happy man! I’d love to hear from you ladies out there. Is there a great position that you have found that you like to masturbate in? Do you incorporate toys into your playtime? Do you include your husband in your masturbating sessions or give him a show?  Timid and inexperienced women need to hear from those of us who have suggestions and advise to lend. Please feel free to leave comments!

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I have come to a realization lately about something that comes full circle….

Blessing someone brings blessings back to you

Recently, I have had a break through of sorts.  We go through our ups and downs…. I am not always the same as I was in my CN days in my attitude and in bed with my DH.    I know he misses it.   But I have made a discovery, that I am hopeful that I can continue.  I want to try to bless my husband in some way each and every day…. I started trying to do this on April 11.

Sometimes it is just a small thing…. like filing up his gas tank when I know he has a long travel in his car the next day.   Sometimes it is making his favorite dinner and telling him that I am making a surprise for him for dinner.   Sometimes it is oral sex before intercourse.   I am going to try to find one way to bless him every day.  And I soon begin to notice that blessing him makes him feel loved and needed.  It is my hope that through what I am going to try to do for him, that it will change his life for the better, and maybe, just maybe I  (or others) will reap the rewards and be blessed in return.

Am I expecting him to do it back.  No, no, no.  I don’t want to see selfishness on either of our part expecting it in return.  It’s just a nice little social experiment to see what happens.  Maybe our whole marriage will be blessed.   I guess we shall see!

What experience do you have with blessing your husbands?

At Issue – Abuse

(Psalm 3:3-4)

3 But you, LORD, are a shield around me,
   my glory, the One who lifts my head high.
4 I call out to the LORD,
   and he answers me from his holy mountain.

He said you were worthless. He said you deserved everything he dished out. He said no one would believe you or take your side. Maybe he’s still saying it. Whether he’s your father, husband, boyfriend or boss-whoever he is-he’s wrong. Listen to what God says. He knows the truth. He’s on your side. He gives you his glory and says that makes you precious and valuable. He lifts up your head and tells you to look down to no one because of who you are in him. Won’t you start listening to God instead?

(taken from a  Women’s devotion)

Chapter 14: Lord, Move Me into the Purpose for which I was Created

I was sitting at a skating rink while I read this chapter.  My daughter was making her way around the skating rink, not so successfully (lol), but it reminded me of when I was her age.    All the plans I made for myself.  I thought I would be a teacher or a nurse.   I thought I would get married young…. have a bunch of kids…. as I look back now, I was a teacher for a period of time.  I’ve taught Sunday school for many years.  I taught at a child care center for several years…. I taught music lessons for many years.   But I didn’t have my degree in teaching or nursing, but in Music.  I couldn’t have seen that coming back then.

But what I didn’t know then, that I do know now, is that God had plans for me back then.  Sure, I made plans for myself, but they weren’t God’s plans.   Married young?  If you consider 28 young, then sure!  Had lots of kids… well, not biological ones.  God only planned 2 for me.  Am I disappointed that God didn’t follow MY plans…no.  If I had married young, I would have married into a very verbally abusive relationship.   I wouldn’t have the children I have now.  I wouldn’t have the man that has truly blessed me so much as my husband.   Frankly, I like God’s plans better than I like mine.

I wasn’t a Christian yet back then either.    I started life down a path…completely different than the one God had planned for me.   But I like Stormie’s quote, “No matter how far off the path you have gotten from the plans and purposes God has for you, when you surrender your life to the Lord, and declare your utter dependence upon Him, He carves a path from where you are supposed to be and he sets you on it.  It may take you longer that it would have taken had you been on the right path from the beginning, but if you keep walking closely with God, He will get you where you are supposed to be.”

God wants us to have a clear vision for our lives.   He wants to reveal to us what each of our gifts and talents are and show us how to best develop them and use them for His glory.   That means letting go of our plans and replacing them with His plans.    I would never in a million years imagine working at the job I have right now.   That would have been the last thing I would have imagined doing.  But I feel a strong sense that it is where GOD wants me to be, and it is all a part of HIS plans for me.    I trust that the Lord will bless the talents he has given me in this line of work.   I feel so much more comfortable being in HIS will, not in mine.  Was it easy to take the steps to where I am now?  No.  It was very humbling because I had to take a HUGE cut in pay, but the blessings are so worth it.  To see all the children RUN to me daily when I walk into their room and just want lots of hugs and love….it’s SO much more rewarding.   I look forward to the future as long as I stay on God’s path…. not my will, but Yours be done, Lord.   Amen.

Throwback Thursdays: Sheet Music

I’m a newlywed, and I’m looking for sexy music to play while having sex. Ideas? I’d love to make a hot playlist on my ipod…. my husband and I love all sorts of music… slow stuff and upbeat stuff….
let me know please!!! Ideas would be helpful. :)

(The CN girls seemed to think that I should be the one to answer this e-mail for some reason.  Maybe it has something to do with how I spend my time sitting in a music note with head phones on. 😉 )

Music in the bedroom is one of my favorite things as I mentioned in my top 5 list last week.  Art in general is very subjective so what is considered “sexy” music to me may not be so “sexy” to someone else.  Most the time I find that my favorite musical artists translate nicely to the bedroom .  When it comes to picking mood music, I don’t have a certain criteria that it has to fit into.  Most the time my disposition is the basis for my musical choice which will enhance the outfit I wear and the type of sex that we’re going to have.  And my musical taste is all over the place:  At times it’s based on the music itself, at other times it’s based on the lyrics and there are many instances when it’s based on both.  But, since there wasn’t too much specified as far as types of music, I’ll go ahead and give you a run down on some of the different types of music that are used in my bedroom.


Josh Groban– Closer and Awake

Led Zeppelin– We own almost every album or song.

Something’s Gotta Give: Music from the Motion Picture

KISS– We own most of their albums from the 1970′s and some more recent than that.

Il Divo– Il Divo and Ancora

Alicia Keys– Unplugged

Bob Marley– Legend (especially CD #1)

Jeanne Ronne– Isn’t it Romantic


Eternal Flame by The Bangles

Naughty Girl by Beyonce’

Hey Mama by Black Eyed Peas

I’m on Fire by Bruce Springsteen

The Flame by Cheap Trick

Wicked Game by Chris Isaak

Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper

I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness

Your Song by Elton John

Desire and Giving Him Something He Can Feel by En Vogue

Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Paralyzer by Finger 11

Father Figure by George Michael

Need You Tonight and Never Tear Us Apart by INXS

That’s the Way Love Goes, Throb, and Any Time, Any Place by Janet Jackson

SexyBack by Justin Timberlake featuring Timbaland

Constant Craving by k.d. Lang

Secret by Madonna

These Words, I Bruise Easily, Drop Me in the Middle, and Wild Horses by Natasha Bedingfield

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

Hella Good, Hey Baby and Underneath it All by No Doubt

I’ve Got Dreams to Remember by Otis Redding

Hey Ya!  and I Like the Way You Move by OutKast

I’d Die Without You by P.M. Dawn

Think of Me, Music of the Night, and All I Ask of You from The Phantom of the Opera

Black by Pearl Jam

Wrapped Around Your Finger by The Police

Kiss by Prince

BlackBetty by Ram a Lam

Smooth Operator, The Sweetest Taboo and No Ordinary Love by Sade

Get Busy and Temperature by Sean Paul

Sign Your Name by Terence Trent D’Arby

With or Without You by U2

And then I have a wish list that’s nearly a mile long!  Even if this variety of songs isn’t up to your speed, I hope that it can give you a step in the right direction.  And hopefully some of the other CN girls and other readers can add some of their favorites as well.

Here’s to listening and making beautiful music in the bedroom!

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