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Chapter 10: Lord, Prepare Me to Be a True Worshiper

This is my favorite chapter in this whole book so far!  I LOVE to worship!  All of my Facebook friends have to endure my worship on my page… I go to youtube when the Spirit moves me and I type in one of my favorite Christian Contemporary groups/singers.   It could be Chris Tomlin… Paul Baloche…. 10th Avenue North… Hillsong…. Mercy Me…. I pick one of their songs…and of course, as I am listening to it, there in the right sidebar is a listing of MORE songs that I love!  So I link the one I am listening to on my Facebook page, and I am off!

Music is my way to worship.   Being a musician myself, not only does the music move me, I love listening to the words.   I hear God speaking to me, reminding me of things that I have forgotten.  When I am awakened at night by a bad dream, I start singing praise songs in my head to calm me down.   When I am at work feeling especially stressed out about something, I open a window on my computer and start Pandora on a Christian contemporary page.   It has such a calming, soothing effect.  At work, I probably drive people nuts going around singing praise songs out of the blue.  But it’s my way to worship.   I love to worship with music.

I liked the comment Stormie made “When I praised and worshiped God, it was like being hooked up to a spiritual IV.”  – YES!  That is exactly how I feel.  Everything melts away… anxiety … GONE.  fear… GONE.  confusion … GONE.  worry … you got it!  GONE!

We have just recently started attending a new church.  One of the first things my husband and I noticed was that the worship leader chose songs….sometimes really old praise songs… but the congregation was singing it.  Not just singing… belting out songs.   “Heart of Worship” … have you ever heard 200 people singing it in a small worship center before the sermon?   We’ve been to churches where some people sing, but most just stand there… totally unmoved.   This new church … it’s invigorating to be among 200 people who are singing praises to the Lord corporately.   It’s really moving.

So, I will leave you with one of my favorite songs that I start one of my Facebook “worship services” with.   It always reminds me that God is so much bigger than me, and I am so small … I am so unworthy, but he believes I am so worth it.   It is so overwhelming to realize at what great lengths God will go for me.   I am blessed.

Hope this takes you on a “Facebook worship session”… or just hang out on youtube and listen.  :)

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