Let Our Faith Encourage One Another

In the past, I have received daily emails from Pastor Ed Young’s website. He calls them “Evotionals”. (Doesn’t he have cute names for everything? LOL.) This one probably best reflects the main theme of this blog.

I want to bring out the truth behind God’s plan for sex. That it is to be between one man and one woman, who are married to each other. Our marriage bed is our wedding present from God. He wants us to consummate our marriage and to enjoy this gift to the fullest during our lifetime with our spouse. Satan sneaks into our bedroom and tries his best to discourage us, to remind us of our past failures, or even to create new problems for us. It starts to discourage us.

When I received this Evotional, it reminded me of the purpose of this blog. For those of us who’s faith is in Christ Jesus to lift one another up and encourage one another. Listen to this verse that came into my email box.

“I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong— that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.” (Romans 1:11-12)

As I read this, it reminded me of the past reader on CN that went by the name  “Alone”, who truly thought she was alone in her suffering. Events in her life with her husband brought her to CN and to us. The authors of CN had been where she had been before. Many readers  have also been there before, and it is OUR job to share our faith, to share our stories, to uplift all woman and to encourage them that by OUR faith, God answered our prayers. Let me borrow something from Ed Young’s Evotional. (www.edyoung.com)

“There is something encouraging about looking to the example of someone who has been where you want to go or done what you want to do. As children, we look to our older siblings or friends to let us know that we’ll survive our freshman year. We look to couples who have children to help us feel a little more prepared for the difficulties of parenthood. And the same holds true in our spiritual walk. During difficult times, there will be periods of doubt in your journey with God. But during those times, look to those who have gone before you and be encouraged by their stories of faith. Because no matter what you are facing, God can use the faith of others to encourage you.(emphasis mine)

This was such a wonderful reminder to me, and I hope it is a reminder to you, as well. When we are in the pits of despair and there seems no way out…look up. God is there. He will send just the right person (or people) to help you in your time of need. Look to them for encouragement.   I hope that you will consider this a place where you can find encouragement.

As I approve comments here in the future, I will be looking at them with basically this in mind…. is it biblical and is it helpful.   Yes, there are times when we do need Biblical discipline if a sister in Christ is sinning, about to do something sinful, or planning something sinful.  If our mindset is to push OUR OWN beliefs on others, it isn’t helpful.  Our help must be biblical.  We need to lift each other up as God commands us to do.  Please do not feel offended if I do not publish comments that I feel do not follow these two guidelines.   I want us to help free women from the lies that Satan uses to torment us.   Ladies will come here very vulnerable and need to know answers from other Christian women.   I hope that you will join me in making this as safe a place as possible for all women in God’s family.

Thank you and God’s blessings to all my readers.

In God’s service,

2 thoughts on “Let Our Faith Encourage One Another

  1. I am new to the blogging community and therefore also to Monagobliss. Actually, the only reason I created a blog was to join this group. I am getting married this July, and in preparation for marriage I have been trying to abandon my inhibitions and misconceptions regarding sex. I have read a few good Christian books, and have joined this group. And I would like to offer sincere thanks to both spicy nutmeg, and all the other godly women with advice and experience, because these are two things I have missed out on growing up. It is incredibly refreshing to hear about the holiness of sex and to speak about it freely, safely, and purely. Joining this blog and reading through past posts has and will continue to prep me for my marriage which I am incredibly excited about! God bless you in your ministry!

    • thank you! It has been my pleasure to follow God’s lead with this blog. May God bless you and your upcoming marriage abundantly!

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