Chapter 9: Lord, Instruct Me As I Put My Life in Right Order

“We can’t live successfully without right priorities in our lives.”   As I read this chapter, I was enlightened to the truth in this statement.   God enlightened me that I have not been following HIS top two priorities… especially #1…. to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.    Oh, of course I love the Lord, but my relationship hasn’t been my top priority.  Life, and getting through each day has been my priority.  I’ve been trying to do things through MY own strength, and it fails me miserably.  Each day, I wake up thinking about what I need to do, all I need to accomplish…but never do I thank the Lord for the new day nor do I ask him to help guide me through the day.  To lead me down the right path that day and to help guide my decisions and all I do.   I forget that every day and Satan is so very pleased by it. “When you seek Him first every day and ask Him to help you put your life in order, He will do that.”  Lord, please help me to remember this as I start my day on Monday. My life is ruling me, and I need the Lord to rule over me.

Okay, I loved the section on submission.   As soon as I saw that word, I thought of my MIL.   You would think the word submission meant slavery.    No matter how much you try, you could never convince her that submission is a choice you make…something you decide to do, not something you are forced to do.  As I think of it, if Jesus can submit to the Father, then I can submit myself to him.   It’s the LEAST I can do considering the sacrifice he made for me.   I try my best to submit to my husband.  I am not the greatest at it, I am sure, but it is really important to me to do my best.  My family is in an interesting situation regarding the new church we attend, so I have a lot of thinking, investigating and praying to do about the section on submission to church authority.   You see, the church we have just begun attending is elder driven….there is no pastor per say, but an elder board that leads the church.   I was talking to my DH today about that and had him read the section in this book about it.   We are going to be asking questions about how do you submit to a church with no one lead figure, but 8 active elders.

So, what are your thoughts?  How much order (or disorder) is your life in?  What can (have) you done to fix it?

One thought on “Chapter 9: Lord, Instruct Me As I Put My Life in Right Order

  1. I think life like you said does get the better of us sometimes and we all struggle with that on and off. I think making time with God a priority is crucial to our walk with God and also we need to find ways to make it less of a chore and more of a delight.

    I did this by just reading a chapter from the bible a day and writing about it in a journal. Write about what I learned, what I thought, or any questions I had after reading it. I would spend approx. 10 minutes a day with God in his Word and that is enough. If you set yourself a goal of 30 minutes or 1 hour a day with God you are more likely to fail because we do have a lot to do in a day. God doesn’t count the amount of time we spend but the way we spend the time we have with him. That is the most important. Not quantity but quality.

    With submission. I have never had a problem with that. My hearts desire is to please my husband which I am sure it is for all wives but when you have a submissive heart, it is a different feeling. I love letting my husband be my support and guide in life besides God. I have a godly husband who is very responsible so why wouldn’t I want to let him make choices for us. I always have my say and it is respected and considered but ultimately I know, he has the say in the end and I honour his decisions even if it is against what I would have wanted. I am very independent minded but in my relationship with my husband and with God, I am very dependent and I make that attitude happen.

    Jesus had a loving close relationship with his Father and he never did anything outside of his will. That was his submission. We are under the influence of our husbands who love and care about us. It is their responsibility to be our head. It is their job to take care of us and love us, we just need to let them 🙂

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