Chapter 8: Lord, Take Me Deeper in Your Word

“There is no way to draw closer to God, to have a clean and right heart before Him, or be a forgiving person, or walk in obedience to His ways, or take control of your mind, or stand against the enemy, or make Jesus Lord of your life unless you are in the Word of God every day.  It’s your compass.  Your guide.  You can’t get where you need to go without it”. ~ Stormie Omartian, Power of a Praying Woman.

This chapter came in the nick of time.   It’s the best chapter for me by far in this book.  It’s the one that God knew I needed to hear the most.   He knew that I would have an “a ha” moment this week when I read this chapter.   He’s right.

I am the world’s worst at reading my bible.  Well, that’s not an entirely  true statement.  I do read it in church, at bible study or Sunday school.   But on my own, I don’t make the time to read it.   I guess that makes me a really sad, pathetic example of a Christian.  I have good intentions.  Really I do.  I just don’t follow through.

I think that the biggest message I pulled from this chapter was in the last paragraphs of the chapter before the prayer.    She talks about in her early days as a Christian, how she suffered from depression and anxiety.   That’s me.   There are some things about life that are so overwhelming to me right now.  But I read these words from Stormie… “All it took was reading the Bible for a few minutes, and I would feel calm and hopeful again…. It leads us away from self-destructive thoughts and enables us to enjoy a sense of well being.  It gives us hope and keeps us on course.”  As soon as I read that, I LONGED for that.  I longed for peace.   I longed to not be anxious anymore.  I longed for the symptoms of depression to GO AWAY.  It’s incredible for me to find out that she experienced that once and the Word of God made it go away.   I definitely need that.

I have decided that I need to print out and post in my office at work her “Ten Good Reasons to Read God’s Word.”  Right now #1, #3, #6, #7 and #9 sound good to me.   I am sure I need all of them, but I am willing to start these one at a time.

Great chapter!  What did you glean from it?  How does the Word of God help you?  Are you faithful in your reading?

2 thoughts on “Chapter 8: Lord, Take Me Deeper in Your Word

  1. That is awesome! For me. I love to learn and discover new things. When I read the bible I like to learn things and have those ‘AH HA’ moments where something finally clicks in my head and I make a connection. Those moments are great moments for me.

    When I read the bible which I try to do daily I just read a chapter a day and I write about it in a journal. I write about what I learned, any questions I have, ideas, thoughts… whatever I want and I love looking back and finding what I have learned and sharing it with others such as my husband.

    The bible really is transforming. It is living and God speaks to us through his Word. We just have to surrender to God and let him speak to us. We need to make time even if it is 10 minutes a day to meditate on his Word.

  2. I actually am not reading through the Stormie book; I don’t have that one! I have The Power of a Praying Wife that I go through sometimes, when I don’t want to write out my prayers, or don’t have time. But I agree — I am terrible at reading the Bible! Part of it is not really knowing where to start; I know I am over-thinking that, but I have this mindset that is like, “There is a specific book God wants you to read, but He won’t tell you what it is, or lead you to it. You just have to open it and hope you stumble into the right place.” How dumb is that? Haha! I mean, ALL of His word is good…and if He wants me in a specific book, I’m sure He will lead me there somehow or another. I just…I guess I do over-think it way too much. I LOVE Isaiah. But I feel like I should be reading the Gospels or something; I heard a long time ago to start in John when you want to read but don’t know where to start. Well…I kind of like Isaiah better than John! I don’t know why; that is just how it is. I know that John is about Jesus Himself…but Isaiah is so full of promises of restoration and healing, and God’s pleas for the Israelites to come back to Him…it just speaks to me a lot.

    Anyway, God has really been getting on me lately about this, about just reading SOMETHING…and I agree with Stormie — just a few minutes often helps me have a better day. It often gives me something to think about throughout the day [though I often forget to think about it], and it lifts my spirits. I am going to really try to make it a priority to read something every day, even if just a few minutes. I often feel God speak to me when I just open my Bible randomly; whether on that page, or within a few page turns, something always jumps out at me. But I think it may be time to just start at the beginning of a book and just read it!

    How have you been so far in reading, since you wrote this post?

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