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Prayers and Promises: Deuteronomy 29:9

Carefully follow the terms of this covenant, so that you may prosper in everything you do. (Deuteronomy 29:9)

Sometimes I have a hard time believing that my obedience could bring such blessing.  I am such a sinner that doesn’t deserve your blessing.  But all I have to do is obey?  Obedience is so hard for me.

I know I can’t obey all on my own, Lord.  When I try harder, I just get tied up in all the good I want to do and the evil that still pops out of me.   It’s so hard, Lord!!

Make my heart all Yours, Lord, and I will no longer struggle with sin.  When my soul prospers, surely my life will be blessed.

Chapter 4: Lord, Teach Me to Walk in Obedience to Your Ways

This was a very intriguing chapter for me.   I like to think that I walk in God’s ways, but I realize that I don’t always do it.  This past week has been excruciatingly hard on me, and I realize that if I had stopped to ask God’s help or for God to help me to do his will in all the situations I faced, it might have been a better, more organized week.

Here are some of the things that stood out to me that I underlined from my reading…

“We (women) know a lot about what we’re supposed to be doing, but we often have a hard time doing it.”  Why is this so?   I find, in my own life, that it probably is that I am just not walking in God’s will…listening to what he is telling me, and just trusting him that if I do it,  I will be blessed.   Omartian says, “I asked God to help me be disciplined enough to be daily in his Word, to pray faithfully, and to take the steps of obedience that I need to take.”   This is exactly what I need to do.  I need to start praying that God would help me with this area of my life.

“We get into trouble with we think we know what to do and we stop asking God if we’re doing it.”  I know that I am guilty, very guilty of doing this until I get so overwhelmed that I cry out to the Lord for help.  If I had spoken to the Lord for wisdom about a situation instead of jumping in head first, it probably would have worked out so much better and easier then how I thought I could do it.

“It is important that you keep asking God to show you what He wants you to do.” I think, for me, this goes along with the last point.   I worked for many years teaching private music lessons.  Came a point when I put all my eggs in one basket, teaching lessons for one school….and I lost my job at the end of that school year.   I tried all summer to find other schools to teach at, but could not.  So as a last resort because I REALLY needed to work, I went to a friend who was the director of a business that I never thought I would work in… child care.   She hired me and I started there part time….6 years later, I am still there and I am the director.   Never would I have thought that I would be where I am today, but I know it is what God wants ME to do at this time in my life.  So I will stay here as long as God wants me to be.

“When we do things we don’t like simply because we know we need to do them, it builds character in us.  It makes us disciplined.  It forms us into a leader God can trust.”  I can tell you in my current field of work, 90% of it is SO much fun.  I love it.  It’s the 10% that I so dread that I rely on the Lord.  Do I WANT to press parents for timely payments…NO, but if I don’t, how do I pay my bills and my employees.  Do I WANT to call a parent to tell them they need to take their sick child home after they left them there one hour ago… No, but I have to to follow state guidelines and rules.   Do I like conflict of ANY KIND in the workplace…an issue with a child, an issue with a parent, an issue with an employee… no.  Do I like calling Child Protective Services and deal with the aftermath when a family guesses it comes from me?   NO.  But it is the law and I have to do it if I have suspicions.     The biggest thing… I have to “trust that He knows the way and won’t hurt (me) in the process.” (parenthesis mine)

What insights did you pull from this week’s lesson?   What is keeping you from walking in obedience with the Lord?

Throwback Thursdays: How to Have a Sexual Awakening

Most of the contributors to this blog will tell you that a point came in their marriage when they suddenly had a revelation of God’s intention for them to have a richer sexual relationship with their husband. The result; a sexual awakening.

For the first several years of my marriage I had a minor interest in sex. It isn’t that I felt I was “putting up with it,” but I just didn’t have a great passion for it most of the time. Although the times my husband and I did have sex it was a pretty good time, we didn’t have sex very often and we had very poor communication about it. Then in the fall of 2006, quite all of a sudden and surprisingly, I had my sexual awakening. My husband didn’t know quite what to do with all of these sudden changes in me and honestly it took some time for us to adjust to it. My husband found the sudden change overwhelming at times. Remember we had poor communication about sex and that didn’t change just because I now wanted him every chance I could. So we have been working through that and trying to improve our communication in general, but also in relation to our intimacy.

“So how did it happen?” I can hear the wives and husbands asking. There were several situational circumstances that caused it, but at the core there were several things that were the key.

First, this revelation came from Jesus. In much the same way that I can not know the love of God unless He chooses to reveal it to me, I could only have had this revelation by His hand. So if you or your wife or husband need to experience a sexual awakening then pray, pray, pray. God promised that if we sought Him with all of our heart we would find him. Read books like Red Hot Monogamy, Intimate Issues and Sheet Music, and study the Song of Solomon in a variety of translations with much prayer. Ask God to show you His view of sex. Why did He create it? What more does He have for you in your marriage bed? Show Him that you are seeking Him with all of your heart.

Second, in this revelation that God had more to bless us with in our marriage bed, was also a revelation of how beautiful I was to my husband. I suddenly realized how much he desired me and I believed him when he told me how beautiful I was to him. I didn’t resent it if he wanted my body because I knew that my soul was part of the package. He wanted all of me. And it was a good thing.

And third, even before my heart believed it, I started behaving as the sexy wife I was starting to understand that I was. I became more responsive to my husband’s touch and started communicating that I wanted him. And soon, my heart started believing it so much so that my sexy heart and my sexy behavior were one and the same. They spurred one another on to deeper and deeper passion until I seriously thought I was going to explode. I remember the one night that I couldn’t sleep because of all my passionate thoughts towards my husband. That was the highest my drive ever was and I can thankfully say that I have never had a night like that again because I seriously need my sleep, but I love that I know that part of me still exists. So my drive may go up and down a bit, but I still continue behaving sexually. I keep thinking sexy thoughts of my husband. I realize that I really can choose how I will think and feel about sex in any given moment.

So if you need and want a sexual awakening, seek God for it and start acting sexy. Let your mind think sexy thoughts. If your husband or wife needs a sexual awakening, the most practical thing you can do the change it is to pray continually for God to change it. He is on your side. He wants your spouse to be free even more than you do. Ask Him to show you how to reach out to your beloved. Ask Him to make you who you need to be in order to be a blessing to your spouse. Do all that He leads you to do.

I bless your marriage bed!

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