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Throwback Thursdays: “Oh, Yes, Baby! Don’t Stop!”

When you are intimate with your husband, are you vocal about it? Are you a screamer? A shouter? Or are you one of the more quiet ones? For me, I guess it depends on my mood, though I really have come to love being loud.

Sometimes I have to be quiet. When it’s the middle of the day and the kids are wide-awake, I know I can’t really let loose. Sometimes that adds to it. Knowing that I can’t be heard. There are also times that I am quiet and don’t realize it. When I’m concentrating really hard on the sensations my body is feeling, I tend to be quieter. Sometimes I’m thinking very specific things in my mind, and in those times I’m not very vocal either. But I really do like making noise. And I’ve come to realize that my husband likes it too!

Moaning and groaning is sometimes involuntary. When you are making out with your husband, and things are feeling good, moaning is a way of giving some positive verbal cues. It says: I’m happy and this feels so good! Groaning during oral sex can heighten the mood as well.

Heavy Breathing is another thing that lets our husbands know that we are feeling fine! My husband can tell when I’m approaching orgasm, just from subtle breathing changes that he detects in me. I don’t even realize that I do it, but he says it’s unmistakable. I think we women would probably notice the same thing in our husbands if we watched for it.

Sexy talk is a wonderful way to raise the passion level. It doesn’t have to be words that you are uncomfortable with, you can just say what you are thinking in your mind: “deeper baby,” “harder,” “oh yes,” “don’t stop!” “Almost there,” “use your finger,” “kiss me,” “ **** me!” “I love you,” “you’re so good,” “do that again,” “you make me feel so good,” “you’re so big,” “you’re so hard,” “take me from behind,” “you’re driving me crazy,” “your tongue feels so good on me,” “you are wonderful,” “keep going,” “let me ride now!” etc. I know that we women think these things in our minds anyway. If you can bring yourself to say them aloud during your intimate times, your husband will probably appreciate it. It will be really good affirmation for him, and his confidence will go up if he knows that he’s pleasing you! Hearing you talk sexy to him will also help his arousal level skyrocket!

If you and your husband are both comfortable using more erotic or “dirty” words in the bedroom, then by all means, let loose! What you two say to each other is between you two and God. It is no one else’s business and it’s not for anyone else to judge. My husband and I use some very playful and erotic terms with each other, and it’s such a turn on. He knows that I like hearing him tell me specifically what he’s going to do to me, and how he’s going to do it. So in turn, I also talk to him using the terms and descriptions that I KNOW turn him on.

Occasionally, when the kids are in bed (or gone) I’ll allow myself to get louder. It’s nice to be able to let out a yell or scream as orgasm hits. What a rush that is! I think it’s exhilarating for our husbands to hear us abandon ourselves like that too. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, knowing that they helped give us such pleasure.

Think about how vocal you are during sex. Are you quiet more times than not? Maybe it’s time to think about spicing things up by moaning and talking more! And you know what? I have found that talking and moaning and trying to turn my husband on with my words also has an effect on me. I like hearing myself talk naughty. My own arousal goes up when I’m vocal. So it’s a win-win situation!

Get vocal ladies, and let your husband KNOW how much you enjoy making love to him!

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Spicy Getaways!

Sometimes we just need to get away to recharge our sexual batteries. There are so many places that an overnight stay or a vacation or even just a daytime excursion can really do us good.

It’s been a long time since my hubby and I have been away together, but the overnight stay we had away in a secluded cabin was such an awesome time to rejuvenate our sex life and celebrate my sexual awakening. We got to experiment with some dreams I would have never had imagined would be fulfilled, and created some memories that will last a lifetime. How long has it been since you have been away with your spouse? Are you tied down with kids and it is hard to get away? If you can get Gramma to babysit or swap babysitting with a friend or neighbor, it is so very important to your sex life and your marriage to make some alone time for you and your spouse. Sex in a hot tub is great….video tape the event so you can go back and watch your own *home movies* of your experience, take a movie you’ve both been wanting to see and lounge in his arms in front of a roaring fire. Have breakfast in bed and him for dessert. Shower together. Take a stroll in the woods, along the seashore or in a park. Make love under the moonlight. Just enjoy that precious time with him and the gift that God gave you in your husband. We run in such a go go go world and we need to recharge those batteries in our marriage relationship just as much if not more than other things we do in our daily lives.

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Prayers and Promises: 1 Timothy 2:1-2

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people—  for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. (1 Timothy 2:1-2)

I have a hard time remembering to pray for our current leadership in our country.  Sometimes, I forget that these leaders are in place and God is using them for his Plan while they are in place.   I would request that we all take the time to pray for our leaders in our country.  Also take the time to pray for those who are running for office in November.   Pray that America would make wise choices in it’s selection of leaders in November.  We should all seek God’s wisdom, and make sure that you do register to vote if you aren’t already registered.  Your vote does matter.  Seek God’s wisdom if you do not know who to choose.  God has a plan for us no matter who our leaders are and he expects us to respect them and pray for them.   Lord, help us to continue to do this at all times.

Chapter 5: Lord, Strengthen Me to Stand Against the Enemy

This chapter is one I needed to read badly.   There are times in my life when I leave the door open just a crack, and Satan comes meandering right into my life again…because I let him in.

We have an enemy who is like a terrorist to our soul.”  I never heard this put this way, and it really stood out to me as I began the chapter this week.   Of course, I knew that Satan was the enemy, but I never thought about him as a terrorist…but he really is!  I know the feelings that I get when I let him get his foot in the door.   Lately, he has gotten in somehow, and I need to use the power Jesus gave me when he died on the cross for me to rid my life of Satan.  I know he is in my life right now because there is a lot of anxiety…forgetfulness…confusion…. It’s like my mind is a great big black kettle, and Satan is just stirring things up, throwing things in that just muddle me even more.   It’s times like these when I throw on some worship music.  Pandora has become my friend… I love to sing worship music.  I find that when I listen or sing along, Satan isn’t present anymore.  Cause he hates worship music!  He hates me praising God.   So he disappears.

I didn’t grow up in the church.  I didn’t memorize a lot of verses in my youth…it just wasn’t done in my household.   I didn’t have much to go on, except two grandmothers who showed me the love of God through themselves.    My Dad’s mother used to play organ, and she taught me from the beginning of my being “Jesus Loves Me”  She would play it and we would sing it and I would feel so free!  My Mom’s mother influenced me so much that on my 16th birthday all she could afford was to give me $5.  I used that $5 and some money I earned and bought my first bible.   That’s where my life started changing, a little at a time.  So worship music is my thing.   I love it when I find the words of a Paul Baloche song in Psalms.  It’s like finding something new that I didn’t know about God’s word.   (Yeah, it’s weird…I know!  LOL)

I love Stormie’s 5 weapons against Satan.   They are really good tools to have in our arsenal.  God’s word…Praise….Obedience….Faith….Prayer and fasting.   All wonderful weapons that every Christian has at his/her disposal.

My mom’s been battling with cancer.  She was in remission, but we recently found out that it may be back.  There are still tests to be done to see if it is or not.   But Mom commented to my sister at the last procedure… “why me?”  It’s because she’s a child of God.  It’s because she is obedient to God.   Those are the exact people that Satan tries to break down.  I told my sister to tell Mom that God won’t let her go through anything that she can’t handle, and he will always provide a way out.   I hope that I am blessed with the same faith that she has.   Her strength comes from the Lord.  “Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord” – Everlasting God by Brenton Brown.

Which weapon do you find that is the most effective way of keeping Satan out of your life?   What left an impression on you as you read through this chapter?

Throwback Thursdays: Viva Las Vegas

So, my wife and I are planning a romantic escape to Vegas in April. I was wondering if you had any tips on things to do there besides laying poolside and catching a show in the evening. We’re not big gamblers – but we’ve seen so many great travel shows on Vegas that it seems like there is alot to do for those of us romantics who don’t want to break the bank doing it. Any ideas?

My husband and I just visited Las Vegas last summer and it ranks right up there with one of our most memorable vacations ever!!!!  There is always something to do in Vegas and I have heard that the hotels are very reasonable right now because of our sluggish economy.  I’ll share what we found enjoyable and hopefully our readers will do the same if they have visited as well.

So many hotels are on the strip and they each have a different feel about them. Take a walk down the strip and check them out but because you will be walking a lot, make sure you have comfortable footwear.   The ‘casino’ parts are basically the same so make sure to venture out to the shopping areas.  Here are a few hotels that really stick out in my mind:

The  Bellagio has a beautiful garden that you can walk through.  The garden has many great photo opts, so make sure you have your camera in tow.  My husband’s favorite scene at the Bellagio was the chocolate fountain, which is the window display for a bakery in the hotel.  If you are in this area at night then the water show is a ‘must see’.  The music, accompanied by a beautiful water show is shown every 10 minutes outside the Bellagio.

The Venetian has a gondola ride that travels right down the middle of the hotel.  The tickets were $10 a piece and the ride is not long but it was a nice memorable experience for us.  A couple in the gondola next to us actually became engaged during their ride!!

Paris is a replica of the Eiffel Tower and it has an elevator that goes up high enough to see the entire strip.  Watching the Bellagio water shows from this elevator is supposedly one of the most romantic things you can do in the U.S.

MGM has a gold lion in their main lobby encompassed by beautiful flowers.  No, the lion is not real….the real lions are in the shopping area of this hotel.  If you time it right you can see the trainers feed the lions.  This happens to be the hotel that was showing KA……I’ll write more about KA in a moment.

We did take a walk down the entire strip and I honestly feel like I could go on and on about each hotel but unfortunately I don’t want to overwhelm you so here are some bullet points.  Many of the hotels have a live band playing and you can go one the dance floor to boogie on down.  The old strip, known as Freemont Street, is not too far.  There you can see some familiar sights from the older movies.  It is enclosed and they have a light show on the ceiling which is a lot of fun.

We did go to a few shows and if you have some money to spare I urge you to see a Cirque du Soleil show.  We watched KA and it is, by far, the best show I have ever seen.  They do perform a more risque show with partial nudity, so you want to be sure to research which show you are buying tickets for.

Our downtime was spent at the pool just lounging and people watching right at our hotel.  We did rent a cabaña for a day.  It was nice to be able to get out of the heat and it was fully stocked with all the juice and water that you could drink.  Remember, we went in the summer so it was very hot!!

While we were in Vegas we did encounter some people trying to hand out ‘call girl’ information to everyone who walked by.  They smack their hands with the cards to get your attention.  They were easy enough ignore and look the other way.  By the end of the week these people had upped their game by wearing a sandwich board, that light up, exploiting women.  This was the only thing about Vegas that I did not like.  Hopefully they will be able to remove this from the streets in the near future.  If you see them up ahead just avoid eye contact or if you are more aggressive than me you may want to try educating them but then again I don’t think they spoke much English.

Vegas has endless amounts of shows and things to do.  I hope this list helps get you started on some ideas for your own memories.  Have fun and enjoy each other!!!!!!

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Notification for my readers

I am currently going through a family emergency, and I have set the blog up to publish articles for awhile, so please understand if I do not get to your emails or comments in a timely fashion.

In the meantime, if you would think of me, I am holding fast to God’s word and His promises.   This video means a lot to me right now.

Thank you for understanding!

Another new spice… the G spot

I will be the first to admit that I am and always have been very naïve when it comes to sex. No one really ever talked to me about sex. My aunt was pregnant when I was 16, and she brought a video to our house, and I told my parents how babies were made. They were shocked that I knew how….why? I learned it in health class. I should have learned it from them.

Anyway, I always thought that sex was only for procreation and not recreation. It really wasn’t extremely fun after my first child was born. My husband could orgasm all the time (duh), but I didn’t. Since I didn’t ever have an orgasm, I just started believing that I wasn’t supposed to, so sex became infrequent with us…a couple times a month maybe until we decided to have another baby. Then we were back to a couple times a month.

It wasn’t until I joined The Marriage Bed, a Christian message board about sex and marriage that I realized that there was so much more to sex that was okay. It was okay to enjoy sex not just to procreate with it. It was about that time that my mind was opened by God to other pleasures. My husband and I started working for that elusive orgasm, and we started to get them here and there. What a euphoric state I was in! But the greatest thing new that I found out I had that I didn’t know I had was my G-spot….

What’s a G-spot? Ever heard of it? It’s one of those things that people argue back and forth about whether it exists or not. Well, I can tell you that I have one, and my husband and I both know how to get to it for ultimate pleasure for me, whether during intercourse or when he just uses his fingers in me for foreplay.

The G-spot is a very small area and that is why it can be so elusive. It’s about an inch or so inside your vagina on the front wall. It probably could be considered more like a “zone” (mine is) than an actual spot. In some women (like me), it can be a wonderful, erotic area when stimulated, while others feel that they have to pee when it is stimulated. Why would the feeling of urination be involved at all? The front wall of the vagina is also near the urethra, so part of the stimulation can feel like you are stimulating that area. I have even read articles that compare the G-spot to a female version of the male prostate. All I know is it is a new erogenous zone that really gets me going….that’s all I need to know! Now to find it for yourself, you’ll need some exploration of your body (or let your hubby do it) Most of the vaginal wall is smooth and silky feeling, the g-spot is kind of gritty and rough.

There are really two ways that I like to be stimulated on my G-spot. First is when my husband uses his fingers inside me during foreplay. He can really get me going when he is fingering that area. If I wasn’t horny before he starts that, I usually get that way very fast. Just gently scratch or massage the surface area with his fingertip. Kind of like using a “come here” kind of motion with his finger. The second way is while we are making love, I will have him slowly thrust just the tip of his penis over that area. After a few thrusts with the tip, I have him go all the way in. To me, it’s like my G-spot and my clitoris are connected by the same nerve. Waves of pleasure hit!

Once we experienced this, I was hit by another realization….women ejaculate, too! I never knew that! BUT that is a topic for a completely different article….

1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” The feelings of sexual pleasure that you feel with your spouse are from God. Praise and exalt God for the gift that he has given you…not only the pleasure you receive from the body he created for you, but the free gift of eternal life you can receive from him…your salvation.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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